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Sep 29, 2011

Kerala govt employees salary through banks.

Thiruvananthapuram: The state government has issued on order for disbursing salaries of government employees through public sector banks. The employees have the option of opting for it and is not mandatory. The departmental heads have been asked to get the approval from employees.

The gazette employees preparing the salary bill also can collect the salary though banks. But govt pension wouldn't be given through banks. The system would come into effect soon.

The previous government has decided to disburse salary through treasury ATMs. The financial department also held talks with some public sector banks for setting up ATMs. But RBI declined to give permission. The order to disburse salary of gazette employees through savings account in treasuries from January 1 was also not fulfilled, as the computerization of treasuries were not complete.

In such a situation the government decided to distribute salary though personal account of employees in banks. When submitting salary bills in treasuries, the details of salary would also be submitted to the related banks. The banks should distribute salary to each employee and should inform employees the amount deposited through SMS. Banks won't incur service charge for the same.

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