FLASH NEWS local government commission - draft special rules for integration published

Mar 31, 2012

MGNREGS Employees salary hike - Arrear sanctioned from June 2011

Kerala govt has sanctioned the salary arrear for NREGS staff from June.Earlier the govt has hiked the salary of NREGS contract employees with effect from December 2011.But the employees presented a submission before govt to sanction arrear from April 2011.Govt considered this submission and sanctioned the arrear from June.

Termination of NREGS staff only after approval

Mar 30, 2012

LDC Kasaragod rank list published

LDC Kozhikode rank list published


LDC Kannur rank list published

LDC Malappuram rank list published

LDC Wayanad rank list published

LDC Palakkad rank list published

LDC Thrissur rank list published

LDC Ernakulam rank list published

LDC Idukki rank list published

LDC Kottayam short list published

LDC Alappuzha rank list published

LDC Pathanamthitta rank list published

LDC Thiruvananthapuram rank list published

LDC Kollam rank list published

LDC lower division clerk Rank lists published


Mar 29, 2012

Two new BDOs were appointed

Two new BDOs were appointed from the new BDO rank list published by PSC .

EMS housing - new GO for land purchase and housing

Kerala govt have issued anew order relalated to EMS housing.As per the new order DPC approval for revised EMS housing projects may be get later ie after the implementation  due to the year closing.

Mar 28, 2012

VEO grade 2 seniority list published

CRD published the integrated seniority list of VEOs who joined in service between 01/06/98 and 29/07/08.Earlier minister has said in Kerala Assembly that the department would published the list soon.VIEW/DOWNLOAD LIST

PSC started one time registration

PSC starts one time registration for FIREMAN post . This is the first post for which one time registration is mandatory. Kerala chief minister Oummen Chandy officially inaugurated this service. As per this applicants can register all details at a time and produce the certificates at any of the PSC offices for verification. There is no need for give all details at every notification. This facility also provide another facility that the candidate can add more qualification whenever the candidate get it.

PSC will publishLDC rank lists On March 31

At last IAY general unit cost increased

Govt have issued an order to increase the unit cost of IAY general beneficiaries . As per this order general beneficiaries who made agreement after 15.09.2011 will get Rs. 2 lakh for housing.Now the unit cost of general and SC beneficiaries in all schemes become 2 lakh and ST beneficiaries become 2.5 lakh.

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Kerala govt employees pension age hike - Order issued

Finance dept issue an order to hike the retirement age of Kerala government employees , aided school teachers and staff to 56 from the existing 55

Mar 26, 2012

MGNREGS wages increased to 164

Central govt increased the daily wages of the MGNREGS in various states.As per this wages in Kerala increased to 164 from the existing 150.

socio economic and caste census(SECC) Starts on April 10

The Socio Economic Caste survey will be conducted in Kerala from April 10th . The Survey lasts up to May 25th.
Earler the LSG dept decided to postpone the socio economic caste survey to April 2012 .teachers organisations have  protested  against the govt's decision to post them on census duty in exam season.Cabinet discussed this matter and postponed

  View Officers manual.

L P School Assistant -Kollam Rank list published

AAM ADMI BIMA YOJANA (AABY) certification- please pay attention

Village extension officers are now the certifying authority of AABY insurance scheme. For getting membership , application form must be certified by VEO,Panchayath Secretary or Village Officers.
Families having land not exceeding five cent in Panchayath areas will be included in the scheme as beneficiaries of the scheme. Age limit 18-59.
    VEOs must verify the details in the prescribed form and file number must be given to the form.All these details ie the file number, certifying officers name designation  and office details are mandatory for computer entry.So before certifying please verify all details two times.Due to the hidden danger many Panchayath secretaries and village officers denying the application for certification. 

Kiosk(പെട്ടിക്കട ) For PH beneficiaries - govt order soon

Decentralization co ordination committee  has given direction to issue an order to avail grant for buying kiosk for PH beneficiaries belog to all categories. ie beneficiaries from SC,ST or General category.Earlier the committee considered the request from Devikulam Gramapanchayath and took decision to avail Rs 25000/- for buying kiosk.
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Mar 25, 2012

VEOs pre service become inservice (?)

As a reply to Suresh Kurup MLA's question RD minister K.C.Joseph said in the Assembly that the govt is concidering the conversion of VEOs pre service in to service . MLA Suresh Kurup has asked so many questions related to pre service training
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UPSA Wayanad short list published

PSC published Wayanad district UP school assistant short list.
  Probability List - U. P. School Assistant - Education - Wayanad District

Mar 24, 2012

KSRTC reserve driver short list published

Casual Leave allowed on February 28 - order issued

Kerala govt have issued an order to allow casual leave on February 28, on that day the all India strike has been done. But the employees must gave statement that the absent was due to un availability of public conveyance.DOWNLOAD ORDER

Mar 23, 2012

Central Government employees DA 7% increased

New Delhi.The union cabinet today gave its approval to release an additional instalment of dearness allowance (DA) to central government employees and dearness relief (DR) to pensioners with effect from Jan 1, 2012, representing an increase of seven percent over the existing rate of 58 percent of the basic pay/pension, to compensate for price rise. The increase is in accordance with the accepted formula, which is based on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission.

VEO grade II salary- Question in Niyamasabha

T.A. Ahmad kabeer MLA asked a question in Kerala assembly about the VEOs salary hike.As per the Niyamasabha web the answer will be given on 21/03/12.but the web has not updated with the answer  .
view the question NO.1475 by MLA

LDC Kozhikode mark detailils and rank position

91 1
89 2
88 3-4
87 5-7
86 8-13
85 14-22
84 23-36
83 37-50
82 51-69
81 70-95
80 96-120
79 121-160
78 161-224
77 225-304
76 305-379
75 380-459
74 460-571
73 572-702
72 703-839
71 840-1006
70 1007-1213
69 1214-1418 

Teachers in service to be exepted from qualifying examination

Thiruvananthapuram:  Education Minister P.K. Abdu Rabb told the Assembly Tuesday that the state has sought the Centre's approval to exempt those teachers who are in service, from passing the qualifying examination. He made the statement during the question hour session. 

IAY- general housing will also get 2 lakh

Al last RD minister clarified that the IAY general beneficiaries will also will get Rs. 2 lakh with effect from 15.09.2011.But this later clarification will not ensure the benefits to all general beneficiaries this year due to year closing.
Detailed Reply Of Rd Schemes.

PSC-applicants age limit increased to 36

Thiruvananthapuram.K.M.Mani announced in Kerala assembly that the appliants age limit for applying increased to 36 from the existing 35. As per the decision the applicants belong to OBC and SC will get one more year for apply. ie OBC candidates can apply till 38 and SC candidates can apply till 41.

Mar 22, 2012

NRLM- VEOs are the implementing officers.

RD minister replied in Kerala assembly that one of the VEOs in gramapanchayath will be the implementing officer of the national rural livelihood mission(NRLM).He added that Kudumbashree will be the implemeting agency for this scheme.
Click here for detailed reply

VEOs seniority list will published soon

Rural Development minister K.C.Joseph has replied in Kerala Assembly that the seniority list of VEOs will published soon.
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Mar 20, 2012

LDC rank lists on March 30 , but no vacancies in 12 districts

Kerala PSC publish the LDC rank lists on March 30.But then there will be no vacancies in 12 districts due to the extension of validity of rank lists and pension age hike. But in Thiruvananthapuram now there were 650 vacancies and in Ernakulam more than 50 vacancies reported to PSC. But LDC rank lists do not exist in these districts. Due to pension age more than 25,000 employees will not retire this month. This will seriously affect the new LDC rank holders. Rank holders will have to wait for atleast a couple of months , because most of the employees date of birth comes in May. So majority of them retire in that Month.State govt's another decision to find out the surplus staff in govt service will also affect the present rank list.
There were about 15,000 advices were given from the present rank list.(at about 2000 from supply rank lists ).

Mar 19, 2012

Kerala govt employees Pension age hiked to 56

During the budget speech K.M.Mani announced that the Kerala government employees retirement age increased to 56. Govt also announced that the retirement on march 31st will be cancelled. Opposition in the NIYAMASABHA agitated against this.

Mar 18, 2012

AAM ADMI BIMA YOJANA (aaby) VEOs are the certifying authority

Village extension officers are now the certifying authority of AABY insurance scheme. For getting membership , application form must be certified by VEO,Panchayath Secretary or Village Officers.
Families having land not exceeding five cent in Panchayath areas will be included in the scheme as beneficiaries of the scheme. Age limit 18-59.
Details of this scheme will be available on Akshaya
View Govt Press Release

Kerala BUDGET 2012

Kerala Finance Minister K.M.Mani present the state budget.
Main features of budget are
MONO RAIL 20 crore
KOCHI METRO 150 crore
VIZHINJAM 224 crore
read the full budget speech

MGNREGS working time changes 9am-4pm

Rural development minister K.C.Joseph said that the working hours of MGNREGS will be reduced from April 1. Central govt have given permission for the new working hours. As per the minister's statement working hours starts at 9 am and end at 4pm. ie only 6 hours work.

Appointment of BPOs in blocks -MATHRUBUMI published an article

Mathrubumi published an article today .
Go to the article

Mar 17, 2012

Implement projects before DPC approval -govt order issued

Government have clarified that projects can implement before DPC approval. This decision is due to the issue of a number of govt orders related to plan implementation. As per these orders projects have to revised and get DPC approval. As per the new order , after taking concerned local bodies decision projects may be entered in SULEKHA web and new project number have to be sought for the implementation.

Non vocational teacher -Physics -by transfer Rank list published

Strict action against VEOs: M.K.Muneer

Kozhikode. Panchayath minister M.K. Muneer said that strict action will be taken against Village Extension Officers who did not cooperate with Panchayaths.As a reply to many Panchayaths' complaint in the district level plan implementation review meeting minister made this statement .

Mar 16, 2012

LDC Thiruvananthapuram- Detailed marks

Marks and number of candidates scored the marks.
81-1 80-2
79-0 78-5
77-9 76-10
75-17 74-17
73-27 72-55
71-74 70-72
69-81 68-106
67-140 66-163
65-191 64-219
63-257 62-263
61-331 60-309
59-325 58-381

LDC Malappuram - 'marks changed due to C-DIT's mistake' PSC Chairman

Malappuram. PSC chairman told media persons that the false marks published in the PSC web is due to a mistake made by C-DIT. Data entry of PSC web is being made by C-DIT.The mistake was happened during the data entry. Chairman added that PSC had found the mistake and re load the correct marks on the web. PSC has also asked explanation from C-dit.There is no mistakes in the valuation process. But the uncertainty developed after this incident among candidates has not over. Some candidates are going to complaint.

KSRTC conductor exam Starts in May

Kerala PSC will conduct the first and second phase of Reserve Conducter exams on May 12th and 26th at 2pm. The first phase of exam will conduct for Malappuram,Wayanad,Kasargod,Idukki,Ernakulam and Alappuzha district.The second phase will conduct for Kollam,Kottayam,Palakkad and Kannur district.The sylabus for the exam will be same as the last exam. But the medium of the question change to regional language from English. General knowledge, current affairs,general science, general English ,mental ability and simple mathematics.
Number of applicants from each districts. Alappuzha-59485,Idukki-17906,Ernakulam-51271,Malappuram-34445,Wayanad-15379,Kasargod-12673,Kollam-82437,Kottayam-36576,Palakkad-41716,Kannur-33735.

Eligibility list of LGS for the promotion as attenders .

PSC published the eligibility list of Last Grade Servant for the promotion as attenders in various departments.

Govt sanctioned to buy scooter with side wheel for PH

Govt allow LSGIs to make projects for scooter with side wheel for physically handicaped persons . Govt took this decision as per the decentralisation co ordination committee meeting

HSA physical science Idukki Rank list published

EPF interest reduced to 8.25 %

Central government has announced an interest rate of 8.25 per cent on PF or PF deposits for the year 2011-2012 ie reduce the rate of interest on deposits in the EPF to 8.25 per cent from the existing rate of 9.5%. This is the single largest rate cut in over a decade and would be 1.25 % lower than than the existing interest rate enjoyed by 4.7 crore subscribers in 2011.

Mar 15, 2012

LDC Palakkad short list mark details

71-1 69-5
68-4 67-4
66-8 65-6
64-18 63-22
62-33 61-41
60-42 59-60
58-70 57-71
56-91 55-113
54-145 53-130
52-164 51-163
50-195 49-205
48-258 47-235
These are the short listed candidates marks

Kollam LDC mark lists

Marks and no of candidates scored the marks.

Mar 14, 2012

UPSA Palakkad short list published

Kerala PSC published the short list of UP School assistant Palakkad

PSC starts Special Recruitment for PH candidates

Thiruvananthapuram. PSC decided to prepare special rank list for physically handicaped candidates within August 31. Now there are 1188 vacancies for PH in various departments . These vacancies are arised during 2004- 2007. There will be OMR test for some posts like LDC,LGS ,UPSA etc. PSC does not conduct exam for some of the posts ,for which less number of applicants.

Panchayath dept General transfer -applicants list published

Panchayath department published the details of all employees who applied for general transfer 2012.

Preparation of Select List for promotion to the various higher post- CR wanted

RDD dep urgently wanted the confidential reports of officials in the department
for the preparation of promotion list.CRD directed to instruct the defaulting officers to submit their
Confidential Reports for the periods 2009, 2010 and 2011 on or before 18.03.2012 .
read the order

PSC one time registration- requisites for registration

Your photograph in digital form with following specification
Maximum Size : 30Kb, Image Dimension : 150W X 200H px, Image Type : JPG
Instructions regarding Uploading of Photo
Scanned image of your signature put on a good quality white paper with blue/black ink
Maximum Size : 30Kb, Image Dimension : 150W X 100H px, Image Type : JPG
Any one of your Identification Cards like Electoral ID, PAN Card, PEN Card, AADHAR etc.

Guidelines for getting Non Liability Certificate from LSGIs

Audit objections create difficulties in getting Non Liability Certificates for retiring employees belongs to LSGIS. The retirement benefits of those employees were not getting on time. Govt issued guidelines for managing this situation.as per the new guidelines LSGIs can take decisions about liability.Audit dept verify the decisions made by LGGIs and give reply clearly.
for more details  view guidelines 

Mar 13, 2012

LDC all district exam marks published


Appointment of teachers as Gramasabha co- ordinators is against law

As per the new right to education act 2011, teachers can not be appointed as Gramasabha co- ordinators.As per this act no other duty except census, election and calamity related works will not be given to teachers.KILA clears this on the news letter published 2012 February ,as a reply to a question.

Mar 12, 2012

A facebook community for VEOs

VEO Meppadi started a facebook account 'veo kerala' for all village extension officers . Now more than 30 members in this community. Search for 'veo kerala' and become a member of this community. GO TO veo kerala

SC Land purchase unit cost increased to 1.5 lakh -order issued

Govt have increased the unit cost of land purchase SCP to 1.5 lakh at Gramapanchayath,1.75 at Municipalities and 2 lakh at corporations. The increased amount will be availed to beneficiaries from this year. But the project must be revised and get the approval of DPC.
Earlier Madayi Gramapanchayath prepare a project with unit cost Rs. 1.5 lakh and request approval from government.Based on that request govt increased the unit cost.

Sabhalyam Housing Scheme started

Kottayam. Chief minister Oummen Chandy inaugurated Sabhalyam housing scheme at Akalakkunnam Panchayath. Govt will implement this scheme with the help of housing board and HUDCO. As per this scheme govt will distribute flats to homeless.
At first 1003 flats will constructed in 10 Panchayaths in various districts.
At first phase of this scheme the following Panchayaths were selected for this scheme.
1. Chathannur- Kollam
9. Thiruvali-Malappuram

Mar 11, 2012

Land for all land less - application invites

Kerala government's new scheme 'ZERO LANDLESS KERALA' started. Village offices started the distribution of the application form for this scheme. As per this scheme govt will allot atleast two cents of land to all land less to build a house subject to a condition that it will not be alienated for a minimum period of 25 years.

Mar 9, 2012

LDC KASARAGOD Short list published

LDC Kannur Short list published

LDC WAYANAD Short list published

LDC KOZHIKKODE Short list published

LDC MALAPPURAM Short list published

LDC Thrissur Short list published

LDC Palakkad short list published

LDC Eranakulam short list published

LDC Idukki short list published

LDC Kottayam shortlist published

LDC Alappuzha shortlist published

LDC Pathanamthitta short list published

 LDC Pathanamthitta short list published

LDC Kollam short list published

LDC Thiruvananthapuram short list published


LDC all district short list published


Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Thiruvananthapuram District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Kollam District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Pathanamthitta District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Alappuzha District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Kottayam District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Idukki District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Ernakulam District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Palakkad District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various -Thrissur District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Malappuram District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Kozhikkode District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Wayanad District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Kannur District
Probability List - L D Clerk -Various - Kasaragod District

LPSA Kottayam Rank List published

LP school assistant Kottayam rank list published.

Women police constable Pathanamthitta short list published

Women police costable Pathanamthitta short list published

Mar 6, 2012

MGNREGS - strict instruction to avoid the destruction of herbs and bushes

Govt has given strict instructionst avoid the destruction of herbs and bushes during MGNREGS works Earlier RD minister has given instruction in this regard after an article published by Sugathakumari about this matter .This order should be concider at the time of preparation of estimates.
Click here to view GO

EMS housing Unit cost increased with effect from 15/09/2011

Govt have increased the unit cost of EMS housing general and SC beneficiaries to Rs.200000 and ST to 250000 with effect from 15/09/2011.ie the beneficiaries who made agreement after 15/09 will get the full subsidy as per this rate and beneficiaries who has not completed will get relative subsidy . Earlier the decentralisation co ordination committee has decided to increase the EMS housing unit cost with effect from 01/04/2011. but the order clears that the new  subsidy we from 15/09 only.The new order make some confusion due to the statement 'plan fund' in that order ie the order says that the housing scheme which use plan fund had increased.But the Grama panchayaths use bank loan for EMS housing.
The new order Changes the earlier order on 19/01/2011 which increased IAY SC/ beneficiaries unit cost to Rs 200000/250000.But the new order says only about the EMS housing.There is no increase in the IAY general category .
     GO on 19/01/2012
      New Order 

Mar 2, 2012

Bills should be submitted before March 28 - govt order issued

Government have issued strict instructions to the Drawing and Disbursing Officers to avoid drawal of advance and rushing of bills during the close of the financial year.For details viewCircular No 13/2012/Fin Dated 29/02/2012.

Mar 1, 2012

Govt employees training policy will revise

TVM.Governor H R Bhardwaj in his address on the opening day of the budget session, said government would have revise the training policy of the state govt employees.

Solid Waste Management - VEOs are the implementing officers

As per the new guide line of solid waste management ,Village Extension Officers are the implementig officers of the related projects.Health inspectors and Health supervisors are the implementing officers at the Municipalities and Corporations.  

  view guidelines

ST- marriage aid increased to 50,000

Cabinet meetig decided to increase the marriage aid of ST women to Rs 50,000 from the existing Rs 10,000. Cabinet has also decided to hike the income limit to Rs 40000 from Rs 22000.

Dies non - Salary deduction changed to March

Thiruvananthapuram. Dies non will  affect the salary of the month March only. Earlier the govt have given direction to deduct it from the salary of the month February.Minister  K.M. mani gave special direction to finance secretary to avoid the delay due to dies non.many offices have submitted their salary bill before February 28. Dies non would have affect all these salary bill.The general administration dept will change the order issued earlier.

Assistant grade company/corporation -more than 6 lakh application