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Mar 6, 2012

EMS housing Unit cost increased with effect from 15/09/2011

Govt have increased the unit cost of EMS housing general and SC beneficiaries to Rs.200000 and ST to 250000 with effect from 15/09/2011.ie the beneficiaries who made agreement after 15/09 will get the full subsidy as per this rate and beneficiaries who has not completed will get relative subsidy . Earlier the decentralisation co ordination committee has decided to increase the EMS housing unit cost with effect from 01/04/2011. but the order clears that the new  subsidy we from 15/09 only.The new order make some confusion due to the statement 'plan fund' in that order ie the order says that the housing scheme which use plan fund had increased.But the Grama panchayaths use bank loan for EMS housing.
The new order Changes the earlier order on 19/01/2011 which increased IAY SC/ beneficiaries unit cost to Rs 200000/250000.But the new order says only about the EMS housing.There is no increase in the IAY general category .
     GO on 19/01/2012
      New Order 

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  1. panchayath loan eduthu nadathunna ems bhavana padhathikkum ithu badakamanno. thuka engane vaka iruthum. loan kooduthal edukkendi varumo?