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Jun 3, 2013

HBA Online applications started

The online registration of HBA applications 2013-14 starts from
01.06.2013 and the HBA SEL website will freeze on 29.06.2013 at 5 pm.
 After online registration the HBA appendix III statement generated
from the website signed by Heads of Depaftments shall be forwarded to Finance
Department before L5.07.20t3. Manually created appendix III statement will not
be entertained in Finance depaftment. Therefore all the Heads of Depaftments
and Sanctioning Authorities shall ensure themselves whether all the eligible
applications have been entered online. In the case of joint application of
employees working in different depaftments, the application along with
connected documents shall be forwarded to Finance Department only after
online registration by any one of the Heads of Departments.

  Circular No 48/2013/Fin Dated 28/05/2013

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