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Jul 16, 2013


team ashraya starts ASHRAYA projects preparation across the state.Kudumbashree CDS can spent RS.15000 for the project preperation. But team ashraya make projects for Rs 10000.
For more please visit this site again. More details will be issue soon.

Ashraya is the first integrated community based initiative for addressing issues affecting the poorest of the poor who generally are not covered by any of the designated poverty alleviation programmes and who live in the margins of economy and society and polity. An estimated 2 per cent of the population is reckoned to be under this category.
The programme was implemented in all grama panchayats and municipalities.
The main objectives of Ashraya are:
1. Providing residential rehabilitation to Mentally & Physically challenged girl children stricken with Poilo, Cerebral Palsy or Mental Retardation, and to develop them to a level of independence by which they could lead a life comparable to that of a normal child.
2. To take over the responsibilities of a challenged girl child by which the unfortunate mother would be free from the burden and enable her to go out and earn a living for the family.
3. Provide employment to physically handicapped female graduates and post-graduates as teachers. Ashraya by policy, provides employment only to handicapped female graduates as teachers.
Ashraya employs a mix of formal and creative-informal teaching/training methods designed for their over all development with special emphasis on behavior modification and imparting training to be self reliant and independent. Physically challenged children are imparted regular teaching. Physiotherapy and aerobic exercises, clay modeling and needle work for developing gross and fine motor control are part of the training. In addition, Ashraya provides the mentally challenged children, a unique approach utilizing sound vibrations arising out of group chanting of ancient vedic hymns and regular recitation of Indian classical music. Ashraya daughters have responded very well to the training and measurable progress is observed.
As an incentive to the Local Governments to take up Ashraya, Government have committed to provide 40% of the project cost subject to a maximum of Rs.15 lakh as special grant.

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