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Jul 9, 2013

Indira Avaas Yojana 2013Revised Guidelines issued

Thiruvananthapuram.Ministry Of Rural Development issued revised guidelines to implement IAY Housing scheme durindg12th five year plan.Guidelines emphasis providing greater role to the Panchayats especially at the village level in the planning and implementation of the housing programme.Administrative grand include

  1. Cost of photographs of the house at various stages and of uploading them;
  2. Cost of quality supervision and monitoring through visits;
  3. Cost of hardware/software for MIS;
  4. Cost of data entry in AwaasSoft, including hiring of personnel on contract;
  5. Training of master masons and beneficiaries providing labour, including
  6. training on maintenance practices;
  7. Payment of honorarium to CRPs and service charges to NGOs;
  8. Training of officials and
  9. elected representatives of Panchayats;

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