May 30, 2016

Police Training period will concider for pension and pay fixation waightage - Order issued

Govt issued an order to give all pay fixation anad pension benefits to employees who have completed the police training succesfully and  left the department.  

May 21, 2016

Latrine Subsidy Disbursement in 3 Instalments

sanitary latrine എന്നതിനായുള്ള ഇമേജ് ഫലംTVM.As per the recommendation made by Executive Director Sanitation Mission, LSGD allowed LSGIs to disburse subsidy for Sanitary Latrine Construction in 3 installments. As per the new direction the three installments were advance Rs 5000, 2nd installment 8000 after completing basement and septic tank,Final Rs 2400 after completion. 

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