May 31, 2011

PSC rejected govt's decision to rearrange PAD Kerala employees.

PSC reject govt's decision to rearrange PAD Kerala(people's action for development a nodel agency of CAPART) Employees in rural development department.There are 8 employees they were appointed by various govts.earlier PAD kerala was under RD dept.when govt decided to abolished PAD kerala ,they lost job.but PSC rejected due to their appointment was not made by PSC.If the govt wish to overcome psc's decision, govt has to take a cabinet decision.

May 28, 2011

LATEST UPDATE: CBSE 10th result will be published on 31st May

When will CBSE publish the exam result?
when will cbse 10th result comeNow these are  the big questions among 10,61,566 students, teachers and parents in the country.CBSE Plus Two result published on 23ed of this month .but they havenot yet published the 10th result.Latest report says that the CBSE 10th result will published on 31st May 2011 by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on theweb sites published the result are ,

May 23, 2011

LSGD Integration will not happen in UDF rule


TVM.At last UDF govt selected K.C.Joseph as rural development minister.Earlier IUML has divided LSGD dept as panchayath and urban affairs for Dr.M.K.Muneer and P.K.Kunjalikkutty.
In this situation integration process and the formation of new LSGD dept may not happend in UDF rule.due to the division of LSGD dept as Panchayath rural development and urban affairs there is no possibility for integration. Minister P.K.Kunjalikkutty's response to media persons on sunday also show this.chief minister said yesterday that there is no false in the division.
In last UDF ministry C.F.Thomas, KC(M)was the RD minister and Cherkalam Abdulla was the LSGD minister. But now congress took the RD dept from KC(M)and IUML divided LSGD dept as panchayath and urban affairs .

May 21, 2011

Biometric system for MNREGS

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme beneficiaries will soon get spot payment if a pilot project on bio metric system succeeds in Rajasthan . Depending on the success of the project in Rajasthan, it will be expanded in India.

May 9, 2011


click here and view live trend result
Thiruvananthapuram.the KERALA NIYAMASABHA ELECTION RESULT 2011 will announce on 13th of this month.All arrangements are made by the authorities for the smooth counting process.Election counting will start at 8am . Postal ballots and machine votes count about 8.30am lead will come out .
There are 64 counting centres for 144. Each election counting centre has 14 counting tables.internet facility arranged in all centres.First session of the counting classes were completed and identity cards were issued to the counting staff.there will be video coverage at all counting tables in one LAC in all districts.official announcement of the election result on the which was developed by National informatics centre.
visit election commission

May 7, 2011

'PUSHPULL' facility in Kerala PSC.

TVM. Kerala PSC introduced a 'push pull' method of information exchange in which PSC applicants can get information through SMS. This will be a big help to thousands of PSC applicants.
In this method applicant send a special format SMS to 537252 and get information . Now PSC provides informations regarding exam hall ticket uploaded in the PSCwebsite. To get this type KPSC HT in mobile and send it to 537252.Replay will come within seconds.Premium charges will apply for this service. PUSHPULL facility will widen soon and then applicants get more details . Within a month PSC will send applicants bar code number ,exam date etc to applicants mobile if he/she has mentioned mobile number in the application.

May 6, 2011

Exclusion of a beneficiary from EMS housing priority list- a complicated circular came.

TVM. Govt issued a new circular in connection with EMS housing to strictly follow the priority list and exclude a person after a two member(official) committee's enquiry .
Ar per the circular govt states that if a complaint arise against a person or Village Extension Officer find the person is not eligible .Then a two member committee form and conduct enquiry.If the committe report find beneficiary is not eligible then secretary will make a proceeding which shows the reasons for exclusion. Then concider the next person in the priority list for housing.

click lsgd circuler link and view the order.