Mar 2, 2015

Administrative fund in IAY -nutilisation guidelines issued

Image result for iay logo Thiruvananthapuram.Govt issued detailed guideline to spend IAY administrative fund.As per the guideline beneficiaries houses photos and logos expenditure can be met from the administrative allowance .

MGNREGA Mobile Application is coming

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   The Mobile Application for NREGASoft allows  users to enter the details of the workers’ demand, to allocate work to workers, to issue muster roll on a particular work, to take muster roll attendance, to see attendance report, to enter measurement book with geo-tagged photograph, IPPE Work Planning and Aadhaar Seeding.

NRI Entry in ration card - LSGIs can give subsidies

Image result for dubai burj towerLSGIs can give plan subsidy benefits to beneficiaries who have no job in foreign countries but NRI entry in ration cards.An income certificate is only needed for financial benefits.
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Image result for coconut treesCenral Govt issued detailed guidelines to converge Mahathma Gandhi NREGS with the Area Extension Programme of Cocunut cultivation, implemented by Coconut Development Board. The Gramapanchayath will identify suitable land and prepare list of  beneficieries. Funds from MGNREGA to an individual beneficiery for a cluster will be restricted to 1 hectare only.

Feb 24, 2015

Palliative Care Nurses Honorarium Increased- Order

Image result for palliative careTVM.govt have issued an order to increase the honorarium of palliative nurses working in LSGIs.As per the order the honorarium increased to 10000 with effect from 01/06/2014.

Swaachh Bharat Mission survey - VEOs are the GP level supervisors

Image result for swachh bharatThiruvananthapuram.Kerala Govt decided to conduct a baseline survey about the sanitation facilities at house hold, school and anganwadi level. Survey will be conducted using the service of ASHAA workers and Kudumbashree Volunteers. Village Extension Officers were designated as Panchayath level supervisors for the survey activities.Each VEOs will get Rs 1200 as incentive. General Extension Officers will be the Co Ordinators at Block Level. 

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Jan 8, 2015

complaints in approved beneficiary list - committee will be responsible

Tvm govt issued an order toclarify that the LSGI committee and secretary will be liable for ineligible beneficiaries who get benefits based on the beneficiary list.

IAY Housing Complaints can be referred to MGNREGA Ombudsman

Central Govt decided to utilize the service of MGNREGA Ombuds person  for redressal of grievances under  Indira Awas Yojana Housing Scheme. The decision was distributed to all states by the Ministry Of Rural Development.

Dec 26, 2014

Jawharlal Nehru Jayanthi Housing Scheme made mandatory in 2015-16

TVM .Govt instructed all Gramapanchayaths to implement Jawharlal Nehru Jayanthi Housing Scheme. 1 family from each ward should be identified from each ward and they will be eligible for assistance of Rs 2 Lakh. The scheme made  mandatory during 2015-16 annual plan.