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May 23, 2011

LSGD Integration will not happen in UDF rule


TVM.At last UDF govt selected K.C.Joseph as rural development minister.Earlier IUML has divided LSGD dept as panchayath and urban affairs for Dr.M.K.Muneer and P.K.Kunjalikkutty.
In this situation integration process and the formation of new LSGD dept may not happend in UDF rule.due to the division of LSGD dept as Panchayath rural development and urban affairs there is no possibility for integration. Minister P.K.Kunjalikkutty's response to media persons on sunday also show this.chief minister said yesterday that there is no false in the division.
In last UDF ministry C.F.Thomas, KC(M)was the RD minister and Cherkalam Abdulla was the LSGD minister. But now congress took the RD dept from KC(M)and IUML divided LSGD dept as panchayath and urban affairs .

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