FLASH NEWS local government commission - draft special rules for integration published

Jan 22, 2012

VEO's pre service has not declared as inservice yet , but it within weeks.

Pre service hasn't yet declared as in service. But rumour spreads through SMS and phone calls that pre service declared as in service..
But the 'incident' will happen within weeks. CRD makes the order and the declaration will be made shortly.
Earlier many problems arises among VEOs service matters across Kerala. Many offices has given DA , concider pre service for incremeet etc. This made many ir regularities in the service matters and many RIA questions make the situation more complicated. The only solution to solve the issue was the conversion of pre service to in service. Mean while audit wing gave direction to withdraw all benefits in connection with the pre service period. This would have affect many VEOs service and seniority . But CRD produce a circular two weeks back and cancel the direction to with draw benefits.many employees read between the lines and make a breaking news that pre service converted to in service.

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