FLASH NEWS local government commission - draft special rules for integration published

May 31, 2013

sustainable Income Generation for SGSY Self Help Groups (SIGn for SHGs) VEOs identify the groups

Thiruvananthapuram.In order to overcome the crisis and to 
provide the SHGs for the sustainable development, Departrnent of Rural Deveiopment have evolved an income generation prograstme for BPL
 Self Help groups on a sustainable basis in the title "sustainable 
Income Generation for Self Help Groups (SIGn for SHGs) '.SIGs for
Self Heip Groups aims at establishing at least one micro enterprise 
in each Grama panchayaths area. Identification of Group is 
through a participatory process of VEO/LVEO Block officials 
and bank representative.

The fund provided Rs'10 crore from Government of Kerara (Assistance to
Self Help Groups under SGSy) will be distributed as per the number of
Grama'Panchayaths present in the Districts. Hence a minimum number of
976 (Nine hundred and seventy six) groups can be assisted in the state in
accordance rvith the number of Grama .panchayaths present in the state,
Likewise one Grama panchayath wili get an amount of Rs.1,00,000/_
(Rupees one lakh) each as financial assistance for group economic activity


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