Aug 23, 2016

ODF Orders

Instruction from ACS(Finance) to The Director, Treasury dated 11.08.16 _ Lifting of ODF Projects from treasury ban
Minutes of the Coordination Committee dated 27.07.2016
G.O. No.2245/LSGD/2016 dated 26.07.2016 Guideline for timely completion of activities for ODF
G.O No.2235/LSGD/2016 dated 25.07.2016 clarification in fund allocation in manufacturing sector
Minutes of the Coordination Committee dated 13.07.2016 
2076/2016/LSGD dated 05.07.2016_Co-ordination Committee Decisions for Campaign on ODF
2037/2016/LSGD dated 30.06.2016_Revised guidelines for Planning and Subsidy inclusion (12th five year plan)
Lr. No. 455/DC1/2016/LSGD dated 23.06.2016 from PS, LSGD to all ULBs and GPs_Validation of Benefficiary list
1815/2016/LSGD dated 31.05.2016_ODF declaration on Nov 1st_timely implementation of projects

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