FLASH NEWS local government commission - draft special rules for integration published

Feb 10, 2011

An MLA gave notice for VEO's salary,job etc.

A report from all block say that there is a mail from all ADC offices to give replay for the LA questions.There are seven questions.The MLA's name is secret.

Who are the plan implementing officers in a panchayath?
Scale of pay of all impleminting officers in a panchayath.
Comparing to  other implementing officers how much less is the salary of VEO?
What is the average expenditure of a VEO in a panchayath?
What are the other role of a VEO except plan implementation?
Is there any complaints filed against the recent pay commission's low scale recommendation  report?
Any decision will taken for increase the pay of VEOs?

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  1. looks like the VEO's might bribed the MLA to ask such questions