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Jan 9, 2012

Gramasevakan Celebrates One year anniversary

Thanks thanks for all of you make this blog a big success.Now we happily share the sweetfull moments of one year anniversary with all of you . Your valuable visits comments emails and contributions make this site a big success. We again welcome all of your helps for the coming days. On this special day please mail your opinion or post your valuable comment


  1. I am Thanking u the team, for developing this site to all govt employees & job seekers recently! from the water tightt compartment of only VEOs! Happy anniversary!

  2. I'm thanking u ,the team, for developing this site to all govt employees @ job seekers, from the water tight compartment of only VEOs. Happy anniversary!

  3. pirannal asamsakal...............
    kooduthal kooduthal valaratte......
    kala vedi., kurachoode vikasippikkam,
    unicodenullla link add cheythal malayalthil type cheyyanum akum sradhikkumallo.......? snehasamsakalode......

  4. Birthday wishes to gramasevakan.......

    kooduthal kooduthal valaratte......
    kalavedi kooduthal vikasippikkkuks
    uni doelekkulla link koodi ulppeduthuka
    appol ellavarkkum malayalatil type cheyyanakumallo...?

  5. its very pleasure that our blog completed one year.May it last long and all my wishes