Jul 6, 2012

New model projects (SC)for 12th five year plan

The Decentralization co Ordination Committee meeting held at thirvananthapuram on 23/05/12 approved 25 items for 12th plan

1) New Institutions of Engineering & Medical education
2) Community Skill Development
3) Interest free loan for Housing
4) Intial Expenses for professional students
5) Foreign studies support 6) Lease land farming support
7) Foreign employment support
8) Micro enterprises, franchise units etc
9) Vigyanvadi, a community  centre for library and computer facilities
10)Self sufficient villages
11)GMP - Health care for inaccessible habitats  employing dedicated Drs
12)Health insurance
13)Tool kit for cobblers who work with leather  products
14)Community laundry for washer-men
15)Machanised cleaning work for  safaikaramchari’s
16)Assistance for  trading & business
17)Employment Linked training programme
18)Participation in Tourism Development
19)Lap top to professional students
20)Community College
21)Homestead farming in all habitats
22)Technical service centre in farm sector
23)Maternal care - assistance during  prenatal & postnatal period
24)woment enterprises in food industry
25) Family centric economic development towards benchmarked income.

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