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Sep 9, 2012

RD minister K.C.Joseph gives complaint against Jairam Ramesh

State rural development minister K.C.Joseph has given complaint to congress president Sonia Gandhi against Jairam Ramesh the central RD minister.
He had accused central minister of favouring left leaning officers from Kerala by initiating them to organise Kudumbashree like self help groups in North India , there by supporting the Kudumbashree programme to a CPM programme. K.C. Continued his discord with Jairam Ramesh in the implementation of MGNREGS.


  1. At last our RD minister make a goal.It is the right way. Support him the maximum.

  2. ഇവർക്ക് ഇതു ഇപ്പൊഴാണോ മനസ്സിലായത്

  3. what result? Nothing is going to happen.The panchayat minister still confirms in his GRAMAYATHRA that the NRLM is coming through KUDUMBASREE only.It was a govt dicision taken by the last govt and the reputation of KUDUMBASREE is far better than that of our RD department.Nobody can proove it otherwise.