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Dec 5, 2012

Early Disbursement of Pay& Allowance/ Pension in Connection with Christmas

Thiruvananthapuram.In view of the ensuing Christmas, Government are pleased to order, in relaxation of Article 75 (a) & (b) of KFC Vol-I, that the Pay and Allowance/ Salaries of Employees of the State Government including full time and part time contingent employees, work establishment staff and N.M.R workers of all Departments and employees of Aided Schools, Colleges and Polytechnics for the month of  December 2012 will be disbursed from the Treasuries as Scheduled below.

20.12.2012               Education Institutions and Department of Administration of Justice coming
                                 under Part A and B of Article 75 (b)(i) of KFC Vol I

21.12.2012              Remaining Dept.s coming under Part A and B of Article 75(b)(i) of KFC Vol I

22.12.2012              Departments coming under Part C of Article 75(b)(i) of KFC Vol.I

The Pension for the month of  January 2013 will also be disbursed to State service Pensioners/ Family Pensioners on 20.12.2012 and 21.12.2012.

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  1. Date of Disbursement of Salary is 19, 20 & 21 of December 2012.