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Feb 12, 2013

Govt employees pension age may be hiked

Thiruvananthapuram.The direction to raise the pension age of government employees to 58 might be included in this year's state budget. It is stated that the proposal by the higher education council to increase the pension age of government college teachers to 60 similar to the UGC package, was a precursor to this decision. 

The pension age of teachers at present is 56.The government had obtained the proposal to increase the pension age as per UGC criteria. But the government refused to take a decision fearing protests from all sides. It is also stated that pension age prescribed by UGC is 65 and in Kerala it is 56, so it must be raised. It is stated that those who are behind this recommendation are those members in executive council of higher education council which includes college lecturers. If the pension age is hiked, more than 2000 youngsters will be affected. 

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