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Jun 10, 2013

Kudumbashree starts training module for the implementation of such groups in northern states

Thiruvananathapuram.Kudumbashree starts  training module for the implementation of such groups in 7 northern states in the country.The training modules are being prepared to help the rural resource persons to work under  the national Resource Organization (NRO) and to promote Kudumbashree model microfinancing and microenterprises in other states. The NRO secretariat of Kudumbashree Mission will prepare the modules after a first round of interaction with the applicants, who have expressed their willingness to work as resource persons outside Kerala.
District-level Kudumbashree missions are forwarding the applications of those who have proper knowledge on the operations of Kudumbashree and panchayats. Hence, our focus will be to familiarize the select resource persons with the living conditions, culture and language of particular states
States such as Sikkim, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Bihar have sought technical assistance from Kudumbashree. A group of six resource persons are already in Bihar giving guidelines for the formation of neighbourhood groups to help the rural poor.

While fluency in Hindi will be enough to work among the rural population in Jharkhand and Sikkim, the situation will be different in Maharashtra and Odisha where the resource persons will have to be proficient in the local tongue

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