Oct 1, 2013

14 Joint BDOS Promoted- Two day pen down strike at CRD

Thiruvananathapuram.CRD issued an order to promote 14 JBDOs as BDOs .
A sudden response to this order RD employees in the  CRD made two day pen
down strike against the order which avoid ministerial wing for the promotion.
The ministeerial wing in the dept have been demanding for some promotion vaccancies
 for years .CRD Employees led by NGOA leader Ajanthan Nair made dharna infront of commissioner
office and demand the with drawel of the order.


  1. ajanthan nair swantham kudumbathey ottu kodukkunnu.Irrikkunna kombu murikkunnu.

  2. Ajanthan Nair is realy a "VARGA VANCHAKAN" thanney

  3. Ajanthan Nair enthukondu BPO niyamanatyhinu field jeevanakare sahayikunnilla. Ajanthan Nair Jaffar Khan-te adimayano?