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Jul 14, 2014

Poverty Alleviation Cell in gramapanchayath - VEO will be the head

Thiruvananthapuram.If the govt approved CRD's proposal for the formation of poverty alleviation cell in gramapanchayath, the senior most VEO will become the head of PAC not PAU.DEO ,overseer and AE in MGNREGS will be in PACs.CRD submitted the report to LSGD in march. But the coordination committee hasn"t yet approved the report.
The senior VEO will designate as Panchayth Development officer .All the VEOs SC/ST co coordinators, preraks will also be in the PAC .All the extension officers will become the charge officer of any of the GPs in a Block.


  1. panchayath staffinu advance ayi karyangal cheyyuvan informations nalki help cheyyaruthu

  2. Athimoham padilla dinesaaaaaaaaaa...........
    Aadyam VEO yude qualification theerumanamaakk...
    Seniority list faultless aakkaan nokk....then try to ensure a Gr.1 VEO in all panchayaths...illenkil ithum Asst.Sec Kondupokum dinesaaaa......Poykote.......