FLASH NEWS local government commission - draft special rules for integration published

Aug 8, 2014

The well wishers of RD department

The well wishers of RD department may spend Half an hour to answer the questionnaire from pay revision Commission.Your Opinion and suggestions will make our duty easier for a better tomorrow. Think it as our duty to represent the commission.Send your answers without fail within 15.08.2014 to this mail and those who are not interested may discard this.The Last date to submit before the commission is 31.08.2014.we think you will do your best for your Department and your colleagues.


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  1. VEO maarude qualification degree aakkunnathinulla nirdhesham vekkuka...
    RD department ile field worker maraaya VEO eattedukunna jolikal krithyamaayi paramarshikka pedendathund, Thrissur muthal Vadakottulla district kalile joli bharam example aayi nalkaam.
    IWMP , IAY, TSC, BPLenquiry, Gramasabha, PLAN implimentation....... angine enniyaalodungaatha jolikal.. Aditional circle jolikku polum Adhika vedhanam illa. TA krithyamaayi labhikunnilla.
    Peon muthal Drawing officer vare Ottayal Pattalam.... Athaanu VEO.
    VEO chaithirunna jolikal (Kudumbasree, MGNREGS....)ippol Yetteduth Cheyyunnavarude Basic Salary Comparison Nalkaam...