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Feb 28, 2011

Pay commission report became order

TVM. 9th pay commission report becoame order afterv the amendments which made by cabinet subcommittee.There is no much changes in the scales.But VEO grade 1 is changed to Rs 13210 which is equal to UDC scale.Believable reports says there in no change in the scale of VEO grade2.But some anonymous statements says VEO grade 2 has a gradual increase of two additional increments.
              The basic qualification for the post not changed.It is SSLC with 40% marks.Earlier pay commission recommends +2 with computer knoledge for LDC.most of the newly recruited VEOs expect some changes in in the pay commission report. ie they expect to change the salary, basic qualification and reduce the term of pre service or change preservice term  to inservice.But all of them became desp after the pay commission report.

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