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May 9, 2011


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Thiruvananthapuram.the KERALA NIYAMASABHA ELECTION RESULT 2011 will announce on 13th of this month.All arrangements are made by the authorities for the smooth counting process.Election counting will start at 8am . Postal ballots and machine votes count together.at about 8.30am lead will come out .
There are 64 counting centres for 144. Each election counting centre has 14 counting tables.internet facility arranged in all centres.First session of the counting classes were completed and identity cards were issued to the counting staff.there will be video coverage at all counting tables in one LAC in all districts.official announcement of the election result on the web.www.trend.kerala.nic.in which was developed by National informatics centre.
visit election commission http://www.ceo.kerala.gov.in

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