Mar 26, 2012

AAM ADMI BIMA YOJANA (AABY) certification- please pay attention

Village extension officers are now the certifying authority of AABY insurance scheme. For getting membership , application form must be certified by VEO,Panchayath Secretary or Village Officers.
Families having land not exceeding five cent in Panchayath areas will be included in the scheme as beneficiaries of the scheme. Age limit 18-59.
    VEOs must verify the details in the prescribed form and file number must be given to the form.All these details ie the file number, certifying officers name designation  and office details are mandatory for computer entry.So before certifying please verify all details two times.Due to the hidden danger many Panchayath secretaries and village officers denying the application for certification. 


  1. Please publish the Govt.order .Isthe rationcard base for inclution of all the members of family in the application form? How can find the family has below 5 cent land?

  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    G.O.(P)No. 149 /08/LBR. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 24.10.2008.
    Read:- 1. G.O.(MS) No. 156/07/LBR dated 27.11.2007.
    2. G.O.(MS) No.36/08/LBR dated 25.02.2008.
    3. G.O.(MS) No.106/08/LBR dated 08.08.2008.
    Government of India has launched an Insurance Scheme, the Aam Admi Bima Yojana (AABY), a
    new scheme formulated with the equal participation of State and Central Government for ensuring the
    social security of rural landless households in the country, to be implemented through Life Insurance
    Corporation of India Ltd. As per the Government orders read above State Government have issued
    necessary orders to implement the scheme in the State of Kerala.
    2. The benefits available under the scheme are as follows:
    I. Insurance benefits
    i) For natural death -Rs. 30,000/-
    (ii) For Accident death - Rs. 75,000/-
    (iii) For permanent total disability
    due to accident - Rs.75,000/-
    (iv) Disabilities due to accident
    (loss of one eye or one limb) - Rs. 37,500/-
    (v) Loss of two eyes or two
    limbs or one eye and one
    limb in an accident - Rs.75,000/-
    II. Scholarship benefit:
    Scholarship at the rate of Rs.100/- per month will be given to maximum two children
    studying between 9th to 12th standard. This scholarship is payable half yearly on 1st July and on
    1st January of each year.
    3. Government are now pleased to issue following further orders for the implementation of the Aam
    Admi Bima Yojana in the State;
    (i) The implementation of Aam Admi Bima Yojana in the State will be in
    accordance with "Aam Admi Bima Yojana for the Rural Landless
    Labourers of Kerala Scheme 2008" as annexed to this Government
    (ii) Families having land not exceeding 5 cents and having no members
    with permanent employment in organised sector will be included as
    beneficiaries of the Scheme. The Kudumbasree will provide the list
    of such families to Labour Commissioner, the Nodal Agency of the
    Scheme. The Labour Commissioner will hand over the list to LIC.
    (iii) The State share of the premium amount (@ Rs.100/- per family) for
    this year will be granted to Labour Department under a new Head of
    account after following "New Service Procedure". Funds immediately
    required will be sanctioned by obtaining an advance from the
    Contingency fund.
    (iv) From the next financial year onwards the scheme will be included in
    State Plan of Labour Department. The Labour Commissioner will
    submit necessary proposals for the purpose.
    (v) A State Level Supervisory Council, consisting of the following
    members is constituted for reviewing the implementation of the
    Scheme and to issue necessary guidelines for effective
    implementation of the Scheme:
    The Principal Secretary,
    Local Self Government Department - Chairman
    The Secretary, Labour and
    Rehabilitation Department -Member
    The Executive Director, Kudumbasree - Member
    The Director of Panchayat -Member
    The Director of Urban Affairs -Member
    The Labour Commissioner - Convenor
    (By Order of the Governor)
    Secretary to Government.
    The Secretary to Government of India,
    Ministry of Labour and Employment, Shram Shakti Bhavan,
    New Delhi-110 001 (with covering letter)
    The Secretary (Financial Sector), Government of India,
    Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs,
    Jeevan Deep Building, 3rd Floor, 10, Parliament Street,
    New Delhi-110 001(with covering letter)