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Aug 13, 2012

SC/ST vacancies should be filled before Dec 31: CM

Thiruvananthapuiram.CM has instructed the PSC to find out the vacancies reserved for SC/STs that were not filled till 2008 starting from the year 1996 and to fill the same within 31st December. He gave instruction at the special recruitment review meeting held at Durbar hall today. These vacancies were reported to PSC but were not filled due to various reasons.
The vacancies should be found out within three months. If there are no candidates with required qualification in the gazetted posts either relaxation regarding education should be given for the post should be categorized and arranged. The same should be followed in the non-gazatted category also. PSC should avoid delay in proceedings as it has taken seven years to issue notification even. Certain posts in technical education are lying vacant for the past 16 years. Government will not part with the justification of administrative delay as pointed out by PSC.

The posts of SC/STs can be filled by conducting adalats incorporating all departments. If special rules or executives orders are not given, it should be brought to the attention of Government. PSC should take special care in accessing the follow up activities after giving notification for the posts. If not taken, the reason should be furnished before the Government. CM also instructed General administration department Secretary K R Jyothilal to co ordinate such kind of activities with PSC. He was also entrusted to report the failure of departments if any for not giving reports regarding vacancies.

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