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Jul 27, 2013

RDOA leadership denied all comments against them

Thiruvananthapura. RDOA state leadership rejected all the allegations about the delay of VEOs seniority list and the creation of BPO posts.They said that they make all efforts to publish the seniority list as early as possible. They remembered the many difficulties before them to pressure the ADC offices  and CRD.

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  1. RDOA is now inactive,the leaders acts for personal interest.BPO post creation process proves their inefficiency.In the preparation of seniority list of newly recruited VEOs they took no role.The posts of EO(WW) and GEO should be abolished in future,Steps were started by the ministerial cadre.No resistive measures were taken by the RDOA.The Ministerial cadre has got a financial officer post in the CRD and 14 accountant posts in the various PAUs for the implementation of IWMP.But no steps were taken by the RDOA to get any additional posts or the duties of Social mobilizer and agricultural assistant to the EO(WW) and GEO.The move of starting a new organization is now widely accepted we are waiting to join hands to the new organization.