Mar 29, 2014

Treasury transactions- govt issued new Instructions

Government have further extended the date for submitting the copies of allotment to the respective Treasuries upto 29/03/2014.

view Circular No. 34/2014/Fin Dated 28/03/2014  

Mar 28, 2014

Plan formation and implementation - TA for implementing officers

Thiruvananthapuram.CoOrdination Committee approved the proposal of Panchayath Director to allow TA to officers for journey in connection with Plan formation and Implementation. 

Assistant secretary becomes the implementing officer of SC/ST projects -order issued

Govt have issued an order to appoint AS as the implementing officer of SC/ST projects in gramapanchayths.As per the order  As will be the new implemnting officer of road works and housing projects.

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Mar 25, 2014

LSGIs unspent amount can be spend without projects order issued

Due to election process govt have issued an order implement projets without new project preperation process and DPC approval.

Submission of bills - last date 26th march

Government have extended the date for submitting the copies of allotment to the respective Treasuries upto 26/03/2014.For details view 

VIEW Circular No. 28/2014/Fin Dated 24/03/2014   

Mar 21, 2014

General Transfer 2014- Rural Development Department- Directions Issued

Govt issued detailed directions for the General Transfer of Employees in Rural Development Department.Transfer applications should be forwarded to District Officers before April 12th 2014.

National Pension System; Guidelines

View detailed guidelines to deduct  NPS contributions in SPARK.  

Mar 19, 2014

New technical assistants may not be appointed soon

Decentralisation co ordination committee has not taken any decision on the  Gramapanchayath associations request to appoint new technical assistant in gramapanchayath after 31/03/2014.The contract period of the presently working TAa will be ended on 31st March.

14.03.2014 ലെ യോഗത്തിന്റെ നടപടികുറിപ്പ് [CCM(35)-2013-14 ]
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School teachers can be appointed as Gramasabha Teachers

Thiruvananthapuram.Govt Principal Secretary issued clarification regarding the appointment of school teachers as Gramasabha Coordinators.The order states that Kerala Panchayth Raj Act Section 181 (4) says all transferred officers should do the duties assigned by LSGIs. So Gramapanchayaths can depute Govt School Teachers transferred to them as Gramasabha Co Ordinators.
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Spill over projects limited to 35% of plan fund

LSGD department issued an order to clarify that 35% of unspent plan fund can be carry over to next year(2014-2015).SCP and TSC funds can be carry over without any restriction.


Mar 14, 2014

5 days Duty Leave for BLOs

National Pension System- GPF Rules made applicable for new employees

Government have made GPF Rules applicable to those employees who have joined the service  on or after 01.04.2013 and coming under NPS.
For details
 GO(P)No 81/2014/Fin Dated 24.02. 2014 

Implementation of IWMP livelihood activities Guidelines issued

General Election 2014- mode of conduct

As per the mode of conduct existing works can be continued by the government agencies
without reference to the Election Commission after the Model Code of Conduct comes into
a. Work-Projects that have actually started on the ground after obtaining all necessary
b. Beneficiary-projects where specific beneficiaries by name have been identified 
 before coming of the Model Code of Conduct into force; 
c. Registered beneficiaries of NREGA may be covered under existing projects. New
 projects under NREGA that may be mandated under the provisions of the Act may
be taken up only if it is for the already registered beneficiaries and the project is
already listed in the approved and sanctioned shelf of projects for which funds are
also already earmarked.

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