FLASH NEWS local government commission - draft special rules for integration published

Jul 25, 2014

MGNREGS agriculture activities included

Ministry of Rd issued new notification to include agriculture related activities in MGNREGS.As per this 60 % of the MGNREGS works must be from agriculture related asset creation

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Jul 21, 2014

Sc chousing unit cost increased to 3 lakh

Mnister of SC department announced that the unit cost of SC housing increased to 3 lakh from 2 lakh.
The new amount will be available to spill over beneficiaries with effect from 2007-08

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Spill over projects - Last date is July 31

The spill over projects must be completed on or before July 31 as per the present order. Otherwise the gramapanchayaths get special approval from DPC.


Jul 15, 2014

VEOs General transfer in RD department delays

TVM.VEOs general transfer in the RD department delays without any reason.The draft list published two months ago ,but any works in this regard has been done in the department. 

Jul 14, 2014

Poverty Alleviation Cell in gramapanchayath - VEO will be the head

Thiruvananthapuram.If the govt approved CRD's proposal for the formation of poverty alleviation cell in gramapanchayath, the senior most VEO will become the head of PAC not PAU.DEO ,overseer and AE in MGNREGS will be in PACs.CRD submitted the report to LSGD in march. But the coordination committee hasn"t yet approved the report.
The senior VEO will designate as Panchayth Development officer .All the VEOs SC/ST co coordinators, preraks will also be in the PAC .All the extension officers will become the charge officer of any of the GPs in a Block.

Malayala Manorama's Artcle about Raseena Nasir

Jul 11, 2014

SECC - Panchayath committees' passed resolution

Malappuram.Some panchayath committees going to pass resolution against the vetting committees formed  in the GP level to solve all the complaints in connection with the SECC report.Now the responsibility of the correction of the SECC report is over grama panchayath ward members and VEOs or any officials in gramapanchayath.Ward members expect an  agitation from the people if the errors will continue after the vetting committees interventions .

Jul 10, 2014

SECC - Land phone owned house holds become APL

TVM.All the new criteria to include a family in the new bpl list were described by the minister in Kerala Niyamasabaha. As per this house holds having three rooms,land phone, fridge etc  will not be in new BPL list.


SECC VEOs enquiry report is needed to prove income

As per the reply in niyamasabaha VEOs   report is needed for the proof of income in SECC.


VEOs basic qualification will not change

Minister of RD said in niyamasabaha that the govt willnot upgrade the basic qualification of VEO .
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Jul 4, 2014

Construction of houses in MGNREGS

Central housing schemes or state housing schemes can be done in MGNRGS. As per the new guideline publishe in June all the unskillede work in house construction can be taken by the beneficiary in MGNREGS. 90 mandays will get in MGNREGS for the construction of houses. As per this more than 20000 rupees will get to the beneficiary.
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Jul 1, 2014

Deputy collector - Direct recruitment may be increased to 50%

The govt may soon increased the direct recruitment to the post of Deputy collector to 50% of the total vacancy from the present 20%.Service organisations in the state start agitations against the move to increase the direct recruitment quota.  

Circular in connection with NLC cancelled

Govt have cancelled the order which withheld employees NLC in connection wih audit. This will be a great help to many employees in the state.