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Oct 9, 2014

BLO duty - Some secretaries overruled election commission's direction

Some gramapanchayth secretaries overruled state election commission's directions in the appointment of BLO/HVOs for the preparation of new photo affixed electoral roll.state election commission given first and second priority to appoint anganwadi workers resides or works in the concerned booth or LSGIs as the house verification officer.But some gramapanchayath secretaries did not follow the SECs direction and appoint implementing officers like VEOs ICDS suypervisors,JPHNs,JHIs,agiculture staffs etc .they also try to avoid GP staffs.Due to this Election Officer Kollam give exception to some employees.

Now the state gramapanchayth secretaries association to justify their act and they sent a complaint state election commission that most of the anganwadi workers are former members and they have political relations.Ie why they avoid them from election duty.

VIEW election commission's direction to appoint BLOs

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