Dec 13, 2011

District Panchayath Presidents Statement- Wide Spread Agitation

Alappuzha district panchayath president’s ridiculus statement against VEOs make

 wide agitation in Alappuzha district.rural development employees met yesterday
(monday ,12) at Alappuzha and decided to protest against district panchayath
President adv. Prathiba Hari’s statement. Employees decided to protest 15th of this month(Thursday) as “prathisheda dinam” ,on that day employees wear badge to show the protest. Employees also decided to send complaints against The president to RD minister and other higher officials .Employees from all the 12 blocks attend the meeting .Higher officials also inform their support to this agitation.
Earlier The district Panchayath President has made a ridiculous statement in the district planning committee meeting against VEOs ,that they go to review meetig based on the food.Mathruboomi daily published this on 4th of this month.

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