Dec 31, 2012

KERALA govt Calendar 2013

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Kerala govt order staff to wear khadi dress on Wednesdays

Thiruvananthapuram: In a bid to promote khadi and handloom , Kerala government has asked its employees to wear khadi or handloom clothes on Wednesdays.Government has issued an order directing all government employees and teachers to wear khadi or handloom clothes on Wednesdays.The order was issued following the acceptance of proposal forwarded by state Minister for Co-operation C.N. Balakrishnan by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy.Fresh order was issued as it came to light that an earlier order issued in this regard by the previous LDF government had not proved effective.The new dress code for employees would come into effect from New Year day.

Dec 27, 2012

Dies non imposed for indefinite strike from January 8

Instructions issued to manage the proposed strike declared by the opposition service organaisations on August 21st. The strike will be treated as dies non 

Dec 22, 2012

SC marriage aid in panchayath will not increase to 50000/-

State co ordination committee mmeeting held on 13.12.2012 rejected the request to increase marriage aid to SC girls to Rs.50000 from the present Rs.20000 like SC department.But the decision will seriously affect the project's implementation in Grama panchayaths.

Third Kerala Public Expenditure Review Committee- First Report download

The Third Public Expenditure Review  Committee constituted under section 6 of the Kerala Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2003(Act 29 of 2003)has submitted the first report.Click here CLICK HERE AND DOWNLOAD

Dec 21, 2012

Expenditure review committee report on Niyamasabah-Recommendation for Pay revision once in every 10 years

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The State Public Expenditure Review Committee on Thursday recommended pay revision and pension once in every 10 years. The committee in its report submitted before the legislative assembly also instructs that tenders should be called for the posts of securities, office cleaners, drivers, gardeners, sweepers etc.

The term of the committee is three years. The committee directs to appoint university grants commission in the state. The teaching grant system for private aided institutions should be completely reformed.

Kerala State Beverages Corporation-LGS shortlist published

Dec 18, 2012

GKSF ONLINE QUIZ 2012-2013 started

Thiruvananthapuram.Starting from 17th of December 2012, experience a brand new trait of the Festival Grand Kerala Shopping Season 6. It is a video-based quiz competition hosted by model and actor Ann Alexia Anra, who acted as superstar Kamal Hassan's daughter in the hit movie Avvai Shanmughi. 
This quiz programme will be available throughout the 45-day festival period of GKSF, starting from 17th Dec 2012 to 30th Jan 2013. Each day, there will be a question to answer. One can win attractive prizes by choosing the right answer from the options provided. Questions will be based on culture, art, history, natural attractions etc. of Kerala - the God's Own Country.
All the questions will be in English with Malayalam subtitles. Lucky winners will get LG SmartPhone (L3 LGE400) as daily prize. Three participants answering maximum number of questions correctly will get LG SmartPhone (L7 LGP705) as mega prize.
GKSF is gaining worldwide attention with each passing season. As part of Season 6, we welcome you all to participate in this quiz competition. Those interested can also join us on, where there are more than one lakh fans or logon to
                                                         GO TO QUIZ HOME PAGE.

Dec 15, 2012


VEOs qualification does not change to Degree

Thiruvananthapuram. Rd minister K.C.Joseph answered on niyamasabha that the basic qualification for the post of VEO does not change to Degree. P.sreeramakrishnan MLA asked this question on Niyamasabha.
Minister also added that the govt is considering the anomaly rectification  Of VEOs pay revision.

EMS and IAY housing - increased amount will be availed through loan

Govt decided to take600 crores as loan from HUDCO for the requirment of panchayaths to provide the increased unit cost to EMS and IAY beneficiaris whohave executed agreement on or before 31/03/2011.


Early Disbursement of Pay& Allowance/ Pension in Connection with Christmas Order issued

Thiruvananthapuram. Government have decided to release the pay and allowances of  December 2012 and Pension and Family Pension for January 2013 in relaxation of  Article 75(a)KFC Volume I in connection with Christmas.For details

 viewGO(P)No 678/2012/Fin Dated 12/12/2012

Implementing officer and working group convener may not be same

Thiruvananthapuram. Govt issued an order to clarify that the working group convener maynot be the implementing officer of that sector.

Dec 12, 2012

IAY Housing-No need for Document Registration

Thiruvananthapuram.Decentralization Co Ordination 
Committee decided to amend the provision of  registering 
documents of IAY housing beneficiaries for 12 years.As per 
decision  of the committee meeting held on 15/11/2012 decided 
that as in the previous years, the agreement with BDO and 
beneficiary is needed.

Dec 11, 2012

PFRDA - finance minister says employees have no anxiety about new pension scheme

Thiruvananthapuram.Finance minister said on Niyamasabha today that the govt have solved all the axities of the employees in connection with the new pension scheme.

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Dec 6, 2012

PIPE COMPOST can be implemented through KUDUMBASHREE

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM.Govt gave permission  to implement Pipe 
Compost Units through Kudumbashree,Residential Assosciations,service
 organizations etc. The sanction was given for implementing the pipe
 compost unit  under the supervision of health  officials.

Date of LSGD annual plan approval postponed

Thiruvananthapuram.LSGD secretary informed that the all implementing officers must complete their data entry before december 10. panchayth committees approve the projects before 11th of this month and approval process will be completed within December 17. Decentralisation co ordination committee which will be held on 18 the will evaluate the process and take necessary action against the officials liable for the delay.

Dec 5, 2012

Early Disbursement of Pay& Allowance/ Pension in Connection with Christmas

Thiruvananthapuram.In view of the ensuing Christmas, Government are pleased to order, in relaxation of Article 75 (a) & (b) of KFC Vol-I, that the Pay and Allowance/ Salaries of Employees of the State Government including full time and part time contingent employees, work establishment staff and N.M.R workers of all Departments and employees of Aided Schools, Colleges and Polytechnics for the month of  December 2012 will be disbursed from the Treasuries as Scheduled below.

20.12.2012               Education Institutions and Department of Administration of Justice coming
                                 under Part A and B of Article 75 (b)(i) of KFC Vol I

21.12.2012              Remaining Dept.s coming under Part A and B of Article 75(b)(i) of KFC Vol I

22.12.2012              Departments coming under Part C of Article 75(b)(i) of KFC Vol.I

The Pension for the month of  January 2013 will also be disbursed to State service Pensioners/ Family Pensioners on 20.12.2012 and 21.12.2012.

Dec 4, 2012

IWMP- integrated watershed management program VEO is thae panchayath level watershed committee secretary

Thiruvananthapuram. As per kerla govt guideline VEO will become the panchayath level water shed committee seccretary of IWMP.IWMP is the new central govt scheme to conserve watershed. This scheme will be implimented in all blocks in kerala.Panchayath president will be the president of the committee.
The secretary will handle all the documents in conection with the implimentation of the scheme and at about 8 registers will maintain.

IWMP-Guidelines- 19502 dt 20.10.2012 by CRD (PART-1) (PART-2)

Dec 3, 2012

SEGC 12th meeting - decisions published

As per the SEGC meeting conducted on 04/10/2012 govt will cancell the order to promoote 5 year completed Overseers in MGNREGS as AEs.Another major decision is the panchayath level procurement committee can decide the rent of implements used in MGNREGS works.Block Panchayaths can purchase A3 printers.

SEGC Decisions - 12th meeting, 04/10/2012

Projects can be implemented before submitting DPC

 Thiruvananthapuram.LSGD clarified that implementing officers can implement projects approved by their higher officials. No need for wait for submitting projects to  DPC.

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Dec 1, 2012

KUDUMBASHREE _ monitoring and evaluation committee constituted

കുടുംബശ്രീ വിലയിരുത്തല്‍ സമിതിയുടെ പ്രവര്‍ത്തനം മോണിറ്റര്‍ ചെയ്യുന്നതിനും വിവിധ വികസന വകുപ്പുകളുടെയും ഏജന്‍സികളുടെയും സ്കീമുകളുമായുളള പ്രവര്‍ത്തനം ഏകോപിപ്പിക്കുന്നതിനുമായി നിയമസഭാ നിയോജക മണ്ഡല അടിസ്ഥാനത്തില്‍ കുടുംബശ്രീ വിലയിരുത്തല്‍ സമിതി - മോണിറ്ററിങ് ആന്റ് കോ-ഓര്‍ഡിനേഷന്‍ കമ്മിറ്റി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട എം.എല്‍.എ. യുടെ അദ്ധ്യക്ഷതയില്‍ രൂപീകരിച്ച് ഉത്തരവായി.


Transfer order of GEO and EO housing published

Thiruvananthapuram. CRD published the transfer order of GEO and EO housing .As per order 23
employees were transferred to various block in the state.

26 VEOs Promoted as Extension Officers in RD department

Thiruvananthapuram. CRD issued orders to promote 32 Village Extension Officers as Extension Officers. Seniority No up to 1320 were included in the promotion  list.

Nov 29, 2012

Pipe Compost is for solid waste management - VEOs are not the implementing officer

KILA confirmed that AE is the implementing officer of Drinking well

KILA confirmed that the implementing officer of drinking well is AE,LSGD. In the clarification KILA help Desk says that the projects need technical sanction ie estimate and valuation certificate. ie the only reason behind the drinking water working group given to AEs.So it is not necessary to designate VEO as the implementing officer of Drinking well.

KILA HELP DESK 0487 2204097 9446059306 9495434811 9544582687

Nov 26, 2012

Who implement Drinking well and drinking well maintenance

Now their is a big debate in GPs for the implementation of Drinking well,well maintenance,
water connection.But it is clear that the implementing officer of all such projects are the AE in LSGD.

In 2003 govt gave special direction to except VEOs from implementing work projects other than Housing and Latrine.But most the VEOs continueing to implement all the projects due to the convener position in Drinking water and sanitation working group.

  • But now the working group convener position goes to the AE LSGD.
  • Another reason is that  the drinking water related projects are approved by Assistant Executive Engineer not by BDOs.
  • Another reason is that the unit cost of this projects will be calculated only by the LSGD wing.  

Nov 23, 2012

VEOs are excepted from projects - Govt direction issued

Kerala under secretary for govt secretary gave special direction to panchayath directors to excepted
all VEOS from  implementing public work projects except housing and Sanitary Latrine.

Nov 20, 2012

6 Joint BDOs Promoted as BDOs

Thiruvananthapuram.CRD issued orders for promoting  6 Joint Block Development Officers as Block Development Officers.

Nov 19, 2012

12th plan- no need of signature for approval- order issued

Thiruvananthapuram. Govt gave new order to clarify that there is no need of signature and names in the projects prepared through SULEKHS software

Nov 15, 2012

15 duty leave for LSGI representatives

Govt issued an order to sanction for 15 duty leave per year  for aided school teachers,college teachers  ministerial employees, and semi governmental employees who are working as elected representatives in LSGIs.Govt offer this leave for participating in 12th five year plan process

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Nov 9, 2012

Time limit for Plan approval extended again

  thiruvananthapura. govt have again extended the dates for approving the annual plan prepared by LSGIs for the current year.As per the new order plan procedures should be completed within November 26th and data should be submitted to District Planning Committee within November 30th 

MGNREGS- material purchase order revised

Thiruvananthapuram.govt have revised the order for fixing the material cost of MGNREGS. As per the new order material rate and wages of skilled labors should be fixed at Block level. 

Nov 7, 2012

Suleka Web - Malayalam typing is difficult

The new system for project entry in LSGIs become more difficult for most of the implementing officers and other officials. Sulekha is a web based application so it is difficult to type Malayalam like manglish directly.IKM has not given proper training for malayalam typing to the officials.

Here we provide an alternate for data entry,Use the link below and type malalayalam in Maglish and paste it in the Sulekha web
                                   USE THIS

NRLM through Kudumbashree - State NRLM mission may set up

Thiruvananthapuram. The govt will implement the new central scheme through Kudumbashree.Now the state kudumbashree mission has conducted a four day workshop on the subject" the relation between Kudumbashree and PRIs".The for day level workshop took place at Thiruvananthapuram from 2-5th of this month.More than 50 senior IAS officials from 14 NRLM states attended the workshop.They also visit many panchayaths in Thiruvananthapuram,Kollam,Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts.

Kerala Govt employees DA 7% increased

Kerala govt has issued an order to increase  DA 7% with effect from July.After the hike the new DA will become 45% of the basic pay.The new DA will be disbured from the salary of December 2012.

Gramapanchayath Front Office Time extended to 5pm

Thiruvananthapuram.Government  issued an order extending 
the duration of front office counters in gramapanchayaths up to
 5 PM from the existing 3 PM. The extension was not effective
 in the case of cash transactions.
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Government have renewed the Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Government have renewed the Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy for the period from 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2013.The annual premium will be deducted from the salary of November drawn in December.For details viewGO(P)No.606/2012/Fin Dated 03/11/ 2012

Nov 1, 2012

12th plan approval - modification order issued

As per the new order all projects must submit to DPC through online and the higher officer to the implementing officer is the only one person for approving the projects.
for more VIEW ORDER

Oct 29, 2012

PSC rank holders dharna started

Kerala PSC rank holders dharna started at all the district head quarters and secretariat.
BJP state president V.Muraleedharan inaugurated the dharna in front of secretariat. 

secretariat dharna at Thiruvananthapuram

RD employees Secretariat Dharna inaugurated

Thiruvananthapuram.K.Muraleedharan MLA has inaugurated the dharna conducted by the employees in the RD department for getting NRLM through Rural Development department.Hundreds of employees from
various districts participated the Dharna.

Oct 26, 2012

FSETO made statement against 29th strike by RD employees

Thiruvananthapuram .FSETO state committee made a statement over the RD employees strike proposed on 29th of this month . As per the statement FSETO said that the central scheme NRLM must implement through kudumbashree with the help of RD the suggestion we get from the statement is that the scheme must implement through Kudumbashree with the help of VEOs working  in the panchayaths.
For more details read Deshabhimani dated 25th october 2012.
              Mean while some VEOs come against the proposed strike ,that the strike will only help higher officials in the RD department . VEOs are the only staff get burden of the scheme ie targets ,achievements etc when the scheme implement through RD dept or Kudumbashree.


Promotion and transfer of EO(WW) orders issued

Thiruvananthapuram.11 senior most Lady Village Extension Officers were promoted as Extension Officers (Women Welfare). Orders for transfer and postings of 25 Extension Officers (Women Welfare) were also issued.

Bakrid-October 27 Will be holiday

Thiruvananthapuram.Govt declared 27th of this month as public holiday for state government employees teachers and employees in public sector undertakings

Oct 20, 2012

Department-level panels for implement Malayalam as official language

The State Government has issued orders for the formation of  department-level committees for the implementation of Malayalam as the official language.
 The committee led by the department head will have to convene a review meeting once in three months with the participation of one official from the Official Language Department. The details of the meetings should be informed to the Language Department.
 Official language state committee members should participate in the department-level meetings.
This will help in solving the practical issues related to the change in language to Malayalam in each department.
All District Collectors should recommend the respective department heads to implement the government order.

MGNREGS Action Plan formation Guidelines -2012

Thiruvananthapuram.LSGD issued detailed guidelines for the formation of Labor Budget and Annual Action Plan for MGNREGS  for the year 2013-14

IAY Housing - Installments changed -order issued

Govt have  refixed the rate of different  installments given for IAY
Housing Scheme beneficieries. As per the new direction 1st installment will
 be  Rs 60000 after digging foundation, 2nd installment Rs 80000 after
completing foundation, 3rd installment Rs 40000 after completing roof and
 final installment after finishing works Rs 20000.

Implement NRLM through RD department- RD employees dharna on 29th of this month

Thiruvananthapuram. All employees including VEOs, Extension officers, JBDOs,BDOs and other higher officials in the RD department will conduct one day agitation before secretariat on 29th of this month to demand NRLM. Now the Panchayath department is trying to implement the central scheme through Kudumbashree. Due to this reason some employees think that this move will interpret as a move against the Kudumbashree and it will make adverse effects.

Oct 17, 2012

MGNREGS _ ward level co ordination committee reconstituted

Thiruvananthapuram. State govt has reconstituted the ward level co ordination committee for MGNREGS. As per the new order 9 members including the gramasabha coordinator were included in the committee.


Oct 10, 2012

NRLM through Kudumbashree and ADS volunteer become mates

After discussion with LDF leaders in connection with Kudumbashree rappakal strike Dr M.K.Muneer panchayath minister said that the NRLM will implement in the state only through Kudumbashree.He added that the the govt will appoint ADS volunteers as mates in MGNREGS .Another decision in the descussion is that the govt will try its best to reduce the interest of the Kudumbashree loans to 4%.

Ayudvedic Doctors Pension age hiked

Thiruvananthapuram.The cabinet meetng going on decided to increase the pension age of Ayurvedic Doctors increased to 60.

ETC Thaliparamba 6th batch result has not published yet,

Thaliparamba. VEO grade 2 seniority list is going to publish. But the result of VEOs from the 6th has not published yet.Another noted thing is that the result of 7th and 8th batch results have already published.The proforma for collecting VEOs details for pulishing seniority list is now sent to all the blocks. But these VEOs details will not specify the result of the training due to the delay of publishing results.

PSC published the examination programme for the month of December 2012


MGNREGS - employees will be withdrawn if the expenditure below 50 lakh

SEGC (state employment guarantee council ) meeting held last week decided to with draw the contract employees from panchayaths in which the annual expenditure below 50 lakh per year.All the works in these panchayaths will be given to block panchayaths. committee also decided to appoint more staffs in panchayaths in which the annual expenditure over 1.5 crore. Committee took another decision to give maternity benefits to contract employees working in MGNREGS.   

Oct 9, 2012

State government employees and teachers will go on an indefinite strike from January 8

State government employees and teachers will go on an indefinite strike from January 8 to press their demands. A. Sreekumar, general convener, Action Council of State Employees and Teachers, and C.R. Jose Prakash, general convener, Action Council of Teachers and Service Organisations, said Thiruvananthapuram on Monday that the indefinite strike had been called to demand withdrawal of the contributory pension scheme and protest against cut in posts.

Oct 4, 2012

Govt Offices working days may be reduced to 5

As per media reports, Cabinet note has been prepared for reduce the working days of govt offices to 5 days.The next cabinet meeting will discuss this matter along with the pension age hike.


12th Plan Subsidy Guidelines revised

Thiruvananthapuram.As per the decentralization co- ordination committee decision plan implementation guidelines again revised by the government .as per the new guideline the implementing officer must verify whether the beneficiary belongs to BPL or not

VIEW new subsidy guidelines

Oct 2, 2012

Govt will continue the support for 'Janasree': KC Joseph


VEO grade2 seniority list soon

Thiruvananthapuram.CRD starts to collect details of recently appointed VEOs details for the preparation of grade 2 seniority list.
After collecting data from blocks the seniority list will published and grade promotion will take place. As per the present status more than 150 newly recruited VEOs will promoted as Grade 1 VEOs.

LDC exam for PH postponed

PSC postponed the LDC(category no  258/2012)exam proposed on 11/10/2012 for physically handicapped candidates due to some matters .the new date will be published later.

Sep 29, 2012

VILLAGEMAN Idukki shortlist published

Anganwadi Nutrition program - it may again goes to gramapanchayaths

Thiruvananthapuram.Based on the block panchayath presidents associations demand Decentralization Co-ordination Committee held on 26/09/2012 decided to exempt Block Panchayths from contributing to Anganwadi Nutrition Programme. As per the guidelines issued first, Block Panchayaths have to contribute its share to the programme and this was amended and new guidelines issued. This was again revised by the committee.This will become order within days and the burden may goes to the panchayaths.

Plan projects- approval guidelines published

Thiruvanathapuram.Govt have issued detailed guidelines for the approval of plan projects.
the guidelines deals the process of technical and financial sanctions. as per the guidelines VEO must prepare the projects for small scale industry working group and get approval  from BDO, but consider the sanction from industries department.
view GO

Sep 26, 2012

IAY housing- Rs 75000 alloted to block panchayaths order issued

Thiruvananthapuram.At last the Govt have issuedan order to sanction additional Rs 75000 to all block panchayaths for the year 2012-2013.The central govt will issue Rs 48500 as central fund .Due to this order the LSGIs have to collect only Rs.76500 . this will be a great help for the blocks and panchayaths.


"EO(P&M) must be changed to Joint BDO"- Economics and statitics employees

Kochi.Organisations in the economics and statitics department started to demand the EO(P&M) must be changed to Joint BDO(P&M) in connection with the anomaly rectification.Recently the raised the scale of pay of EO(P&M) from  Rs13900 - 24040 to Rs 16180 - 29180 .Now they demand that the the scale of pay of P&M and JBDO are same at this time so the name must be changed to Joint BDO(P&M).
Read more

Sub Inspector of Police (Trainee) SI short list published

Villageman - Revenue Short list published

Central govt employees, DA 7%hiked

New Delhi. The Union government on Monday hiked Dearness Allowance (DA) by 7%, benefiting its 80 lakh employees and pensioners and costing the exchequer an additional Rs7,408 crore annually.
The hike will be effective from July 1, 2012, and the employees would be entitled for arrears from this date.
The hike in the DA from 65% to 72% will cost the exchequer Rs4,939 crore for the remaining part of the current financial year. The annual burden on account of the DA increase has been estimated at Rs7,408 crore, says an official release.
The decision, which was approved by the Union cabinet, will benefit about 50 lakh employees and 30 lakh pensioners of the central government.

32 VEOs Promoted as General Extension Officers

Thiruvananthapuram.CRD issued orders for promoting 32 Village Extension Officers to the cadre of General  Extension Officers.Up to serial number 1275 were included in the promotion list. Transfer and postings of Extension Officers were also issued.

Sep 19, 2012

State govt will give Rs 75000 for IAY- minister K.C.Joseph

Thiruvananthapuram.State RD minister informed that the state will give Rs 75000 as IAY contribution to block Panchayaths this year onwards.Central govt give Rs 48500 as central share and the remaining amount would be contributed by the grama/block/district panchayaths in the ratio 25 :50:25.

Sep 17, 2012

LD compiler Salary increased - order issued

LD compiler salary increased to Rs 10410-18300 and scale of RA to 11620-20240

29 Extension Officers Promoted as Joint Block Development Officers

Thiruvananthapuram.CRD issued order to promote 24 Extension 
Officers and 5 Womenn Welfare Officers to the cadre of Joint 
Block Development Officers. Orders for the transfer and postings of 
Joint Block Development Officers were also issued.

View Promotion Order
View transfer and postings order

Sep 12, 2012


Kochi.Service organisations started preparations for starting indefinite strike against the new pension scheme implemented in the state. The strike may starts in November . Left organisations started special conventions to explain about the strike. The organisations thought that the one day strike conducted on August 21st was a big success . Strike got a big support from all employees with out considering the politics.

Secretariat Assistant exam detailed sylabus published

Sep 9, 2012

RD minister K.C.Joseph gives complaint against Jairam Ramesh

State rural development minister K.C.Joseph has given complaint to congress president Sonia Gandhi against Jairam Ramesh the central RD minister.
He had accused central minister of favouring left leaning officers from Kerala by initiating them to organise Kudumbashree like self help groups in North India , there by supporting the Kudumbashree programme to a CPM programme. K.C. Continued his discord with Jairam Ramesh in the implementation of MGNREGS.

Sep 6, 2012

Sep 4, 2012

Govt clears SC/ST quota proposal for promotion in state jobs

Delhi : The government today cleared a proposal that would allow it to provide reservation for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in promotion in state jobs.

The Union Cabinet, at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, approved the proposal for making provisions
for quotas for SC/STs in promotions in government jobs.

The Cabinet nod clears the decks for introduction of a Constitution Amendment Bill in the ongoing session of
Parliament, which has been a long-standing demand of all parties, barring the Samajwati Party.

Sep 1, 2012

Student police to be considered for police recruitment: CM

Ernakulam : Inaugurating the second anniversary of the Student Police Cadet (SPC) project at Fine Arts Hall in Ernakulam, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said that required steps will be taken to provide a percentage of vacancies as part of recruitment to the police force in the State to student police cadets.
According to the Chief Minister, "The services of student police cadets are useful to the police department. With regard to their appointment, required steps will be taken after going through legal and technical aspects. It is only befitting that they also get grace marks as in the case of N.C.C. cadets, because they have proven their worth by performing. The fund earmarked in this year's Budget is an official recognition of SPC's performance."

MGNREGS working hours reduced - order issued

Thiruvananthapuram,Govt have issued an order to reduce the working hours of MGNREGS from9 houres to 8 houres ie  9 AM to 5 PM including leisure period. 


Aug 28, 2012

12th five year plan final subsidy guidelines published

Thiruvananthapuram. At last the government have issued an order to finalise the subsidy guidelines for the 12th five year plan.

Aug 27, 2012

Plan Guidelines amended- CDS Member Secretary became the Convenor of Poverty alleviation working group

Thiruvananthapuram.The the government have revised the plan implementaion guidelines .Asper the new guideline CDS member secretary will be the convener of Poverty alleviation Working Group Convener  instead of VEOs. CDS member secretary is the new convener of anti poverty subplan working group.

Aug 25, 2012

Social security pension increased - order issued

Govt have issued the order for the hike of social security pension as per the order persons having age more than 80 years will get Rs 900 as old age pension

Early release of Honararim to members of LSGIs- order issued

Govt have  issued an order for early release of honararium to members of LSGIs during Onam Season.The honararium for August should be disbursed before 27th  of this month.

Aug 22, 2012

IAY housing Central Share increased to Rs.80,000 and Rs. And additional Rs.9,000 for toilets

Central RD minister Jairam Ramesh announced yesterday that the central share for IAY housing will be increased to Rs.75,000 from Rs.45,000. The new rate will be applicable only from April 2013. For hilly and Naxal areas the grant will be increased to Rs.80,000 from Rs.48,500. Kerala is under the hilly region so the new central share for Kerala is Rs.80, the new Block panchayath share will be Rs.60,000 and the district panchayath and panchayath share will be Rs. 30,000.
He added that Rs. 9,000 will be given separatly to IAY beneficiaries for constructing toilets.

Aug 20, 2012

PSC rank holders association Secretariat march

Dies non imposed for August 21 st Strike

Thiruvananthapuram.Govt have  issuedvorder to manage the proposed strike declared by the opposition service organaisations on August 21st. The strike will be treated as dies non and the salary of the day will be deducted from the salary for the month of September 2012. 


Aug 18, 2012

LAND FOR 2.33 Lakh LANDLESS within 3 year

Thiruvananthapuram. Govt have verified the 2,94,595 applications for land and found 2,33,232 applicats are eligible for land. Eligible beneficiaries lists are published on Web. VIEW ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS LIST

Aug 16, 2012

contributory pension - Left organistions strike will be on 21st august,UDF service organisations withdraw their strike

Thiruvananthapuram. Due to the denial of the demand of the service organisations to withdraw the order in connection with the implementation of new pension scheme, the left organisations boycott the discussion with CM and declare that they will go with the strike on 21st August.
But the UDF service organisations withdraw their strike after the discussion.

Aug 15, 2012

Aug 14, 2012

All Social Security Pensions Increased

Thiruvananthapuram. Govt have increased social security pensions 125% with effect from April 2012. As per the order OLD AGE PENSION increased to Rs.900 from Rs.400. WIDOW, DESTITUTE pension to Rs.525 from Rs.400. PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED PENSION to Rs.700 from Rs.400.

Meeting with service organisations on 16th regarding contributory pension.

Thiruvananthapuram.Cabinet meeting held today decided to call a meeting with service organizations on 16th regarding contributory pension.Earlier the employees organisations called for a strike on 21th of this month.

Aug 13, 2012

SC/ST vacancies should be filled before Dec 31: CM

Thiruvananthapuiram.CM has instructed the PSC to find out the vacancies reserved for SC/STs that were not filled till 2008 starting from the year 1996 and to fill the same within 31st December. He gave instruction at the special recruitment review meeting held at Durbar hall today. These vacancies were reported to PSC but were not filled due to various reasons.
The vacancies should be found out within three months. If there are no candidates with required qualification in the gazetted posts either relaxation regarding education should be given for the post should be categorized and arranged. The same should be followed in the non-gazatted category also. PSC should avoid delay in proceedings as it has taken seven years to issue notification even. Certain posts in technical education are lying vacant for the past 16 years. Government will not part with the justification of administrative delay as pointed out by PSC.

SPARK- Steps to process pay bills and schedules

Aug 12, 2012

Left service organisation's strike postponed to August 21

Left service organisation's one day strike against the contributory pension scheme postponed to 21st of this month.
In protest against the new pension scheme the congress service organisations also declared strike on the same day .

10 % increase in Kerala government employees bonus

Thiruvananthapuram. As per the reports finance department recommended 10% increase in bonus for government employees. If it approved by the CM the bonus will be increased to Rs. 3200 from Rs.2900. But there is no recommendation to increase the salary ceiling for getting bonus. Festival allowance may be increased to Rs. 2000 from Rs.1750. Festival Advance may not increased from the Rs.7500 which was distributed last year.
GO(Ms)No.463/2012/Fin 17/08/2012Onam Advance to parttime contingent employees ,NMR  workers etc for 2012
  GO(P)No.462/2012/Fin 17/08/2012Onam Advance to Government Employees for 2012
  GO(P)No.461/2012/Fin 17/08/2012 Adhoc Bonus and Special festival allowance 2011-12 to State Government Employees and Pensioners

Aug 11, 2012

Department Test 2012 September timetable

The Departmental Tests notified in Part I B of the Kerala Gazette dated 15.05.2012 will be
held from 14.09.2012 to 05.10.2012  at the places shown below in accordance with the Time-table
appended to this notification. The tests will be objective type (OMR valuaton); except the tests for
the IInd class Language Test in Malayalam(Tamil/Kannada), Minority Language Test in Kannada
and Tamil.


PSC PH special recruitment time table announced

PSC has published the examination time table of Special recruitment for physically handicapped
.03/10/2012Wednesday 08.00 AM-09.15 AM  VILLAGE EXTENSION OFFICER
GRADE.II halltickets from 12/09/2012 onwards

04/10/2012Thursday 08.00 AM -09.15 AM LAST GRADE SERVANT
hall tickets from 13/09/2012 own words

05/10/2012Friday 08.00 AM -09.15 AM VILLAGE MAN
hall tickets from 14/09/2012 own words

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