Apr 24, 2013

IAY housing may go to Grama panchayaths

As per the national panchayath empowered committee's recommendation IAY housing may be given to panchayaths for thr smooth implementation of the schemes. The empowered committee says that all the centrally sponsored schemes must given to Grama panchayaths and empower the decentralization process .
                  Committee also recommended that the reservation for women, scheduled castes/tribals (SC/STs) and other backward classes (OBCs) in panchayat raj institutions should be frozen for two or three terms so that they get the same oppertunity as MPs and legislators to augment experience and knowledge, says an experts committee.


  1. അടുത്ത് തന്നെ അങ്ങനെ സംഭവിക്കും.
    അതില്‍ സംശയിക്കാന്‍ ഇല്ല.

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