FLASH NEWS local government commission - draft special rules for integration published

May 8, 2014

36 Village Extension Officers were promoted to Grade I

The Village Extension Ollicer Gr.lI included in the integrated Seniority List
published as per Order are promoted as Viltage Extension Officer
Gr.I in the scale of pay of Rs. 73210-22360 with effect from the dates noted against
their names. The Officers who lcft the Department /on LWA/under suspension etc
are not considered for the prornotion. The officers, whose probation in the entry
cadre has not been declarcti so far, are also excluded from promotion. The
individuals promoted are eligible to get the fixation of pay under Rule 28A of part
I KSRs and are instructed to f ile their option within one month of the date of this
Order of promotion in terms c,f Government Order read as 3'd paper above.
The monitory benefits icsultant to the above promotion will be admissible
only for a maximum period one year prior to the date of order of promotion, as
stipulated in the Government Order


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