Jun 4, 2011

Kudumbashre gets national recognition at the launching session of NRLM in Rajasthan

Banswara/Rajasthan.The launch of NRLM (National Rural Livelihood Mission) by UPA chairperson Soniya Gandhi on Friday at Banswara a tribal district in Rajasthan made a big national recognition for 'KUDUMBASREE'.
PTI reports that the architects of NRLM had taken KUDUMBASHREE as the leading model for the national mission and its best practices would be replicated throughout the country as a major initiative of the RD department to bring the poor above the poverty line by ensuring viable livelihood opportunities.
an official told to PTI that 'we are elated about the recognition we received this way and happy that the Kerala model will be replicated to improve the livelihood of millions of women across the country'.
The official expressed that like the impact made by kudumbasree in Kerala, NRLM also will do at the national level.

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