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Aug 2, 2011

Right to Service act in Kerala soon

Thiruvananthapuram: The government is preparing the draft for Right to Service act, which would be implemented in the model of RTI Act. As per the act, if government officials do not perform duty in time, they would be given punishment or fine or face disciplinary action. In Maharashtra the act was implemented the previous year. As per the direction of chief minister Oommen Chandy the same would be implemented here too. After having discussion with service organizations, the government is planning to pass the bill in the assembly.

For each service, a definite time period would be set. As per the same, the person to whom the service is rendered would be provided within the prescribed time. There would be a three-tier system to evaluate failure in performances. If the responsible official fail to provide service, he would be slapped a fine from Rs 500 to Rs 5000. If the service is denied due to no valid reason, the officer would be asked to pay Rs 250 for each day of delay. He would have to face disciplinary action for failures, which he commits willingly.

The date would be calculated from the date of application. The officer accepting the application must give a receipt. If the service is not provided, a complaint can be filed to the first appeal officer within 30 days. If the appeal officer too denies acting on the complaint, the same can be given to second appellate authority. If the authority feels that service is denied, the authority can punish the officer responsible to give the service and the first appeal officer, which first considered the appeal.

The rule also directs to hear the versions of the first appeal officer and the responsible officer before deciding the punishment. The complaint can be given to the appellate authority within 60 days. If the appeal officer or the officer, responsible for providing services, has any complaints in the punishment given by appellate authority, they can approach higher office appointed by the government and his decision would be final.

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