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Dec 29, 2011

Extension of the validity of PSC rank list -Govt to seek legal advice

The state cabinet today decided to seek legal advice against PSC for the decision of the state govt's recommendation for the extension of the validity of rank lists up to April 30, 2012.
After the cabinet meeting chief minister criticise PSC as PSC members play politics. He added that govt decided to ask PSC to extend the validity of rank lists to April 3
with three conditions.
Rank lists below 4 and half years old.
Posts for which New list hasn't prepared.
Till the new list prepared before April 30.
Earlier the meeting of commission decided not to extend the rank lists of which term would end by December 31.commission observed that the rank list which enjoyed extension three times need not be extended further. PSC also observed that the extension will affect the appointment procedures and appointment is being made from the existing lists.

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