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Dec 9, 2011

Kudumbashree ADS and CDS election procedure

Kudumbashree election procedure starts on 20th of this month.Most of the VEOs and employees from panchayaths are appointed as AROs or election observers.this will be a big help to them.
ADS election procedure.&CDS election procedure .

ADS election General Body Meeting
The ADS general body meeting should commence at the stipulated time and should be presided over by the ADS Election Observer. Thereafter the attendance of the members should be marked in both the minutes book as well as the election proceedings. Since the election process would commence immediately after the marking the attendance of the last person present, no more additional members need be permitted to the general body meeting. Thereafter, one member from among the ADS general body should be selected to preside over the election general body meeting and the election officer should hand over the charge to her. It would be under the leadership of this president that the general body election procedures be held. A minimum of two-third attendance should be confirmed. First, the Election Observer should explain the election procedure and rules. In his explanation, the Election Observer should clarify that between the chairperson and secretary, at least one person should be a BPL representative that a minimum of 50% of the Executive Committee should be BPL representatives and that proportional SC/ST representation should be ensured. Next, the steps for conducting election for the Executive Committee should be commenced. The Presiding Officer should ask the general body to suggest names for the ADS Executive Committee. The available names, after seeking their concurrence and support, should be put up as a candidate list on a chart paper or board. If the number of candidates suggested is same as the Executive Committee number (seven numbers including four BPL), then all candidates may be announced as unanimously elected. However, if there are more candidates than the number of Executive Committee members, then support for each candidate may be recorded by asking the general body members to stand up and register their support in favour of candidates. This process should be carried out for each candidate and each candidate’s votes should be marked against her name. Those seven candidates that secure the highest number of votes would be declared as elected as Executive Committee members by the president. If due to equal number of votes, all members cannot be elected at the first instance, then the above process may be repeated. If there is tie for the seventh position, then a toss up may be done to elect the member. There should be at least four BPL representatives in the ADS Executive Committee. If during the natural election process, a minimum of BPL representatives are not elected, then the election would be declared as void and cancelled. Thereafter four BPL members would be first elected and thereafter members for the remaining positions be elected. The election results should be declared only after confirming that at least one position between ADS chairperson and secretary goes to a BPL representative
On electing all the Executive Committee members, a special meeting of all the elected members may be convened and presided over by any one member among them. This meeting should elect the official functionaries of the ADS based on majority support. This election should also be held after confirming the proportional representation if SC/ST. The president should announce the name of the official functionaries thus elected in the general body meeting. AT the end of the general body meeting, the Election Observer should ensure that the minutes and election proceedings have been completed. Thereafter the ADS Election Observer is responsible for ensuring that the ADS members who are qualified to take part in the CDS election general body meeting receive notification regarding the same and that their acknowledgment of the receipt of this communication is obtained. If there are nominated SC/ST members to the CDS general body, then the Election Observer should also ensure that they are informed about the CDS election general body meeting.
CDS General Body
The CDS election general body meeting should commence as per the stipulated time, and should be presided over by the CDS Presiding Officer. In the general body meeting, the Presiding Officer should explain the procedures and rules with regard to the conduct of elections. He should adequately explain that a minimum of 50% of the CDS Executive Committee should be BPL representatives and that between the posts of CDS Chair Person and Vice Chair Person, at least one should be BPL representative, and that SC/ST proportional representation should be ensured. Thereafter, he should ask all the general body members to register their attendance on the minutes’ book as well as the election proceedings. After the last person present has recorded his attendance, no more persons may be allowed inside the meeting. Thereafter, as per the instructions from the Presiding Officer, separate meetings of all ADS Executive Committee members should be conducted, and each ADS may elect one person to the CDS Executive Committee.
This name of the representative thus elected may be given to the Presiding Officer in the prescribed format (format-7). The Presiding Officer should then confirm whether the proportion of BPL and SC/St member are in order. If the number of BPL representatives to the CDS Executive Committee is less than 50%, then Presiding Officer should declare the election as null and void. Thereafter, he should repeat the election to ensure that the BPL representation is as per byelaw. If even after this election, the number of BPL representatives is less than 50% of the total Executive Committee members, then the Presiding Officer should reserve at least 50% of ADS Executive Committee for electing only a BPL representative. Which all ADS Executive Committee would be thus reserved for BPL representation would be decided through toss up. Thereafter the CDS Executive Committee election may be conducted.
    The Presiding Officer should confirm whether the proportional representation of SC/ST is ensured.

    A special meeting of the designated CDS Executive Committee members should be held, and would be presided over by the Presiding Officer. If SC/ST does not have proportional representation, then the same must be informed to the Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee may be asked to nominate SC/ST representatives to fill the requirement. The elections to the CDS official functionaries should be commenced only after the nominated SC/ST members from the CDS general body are included in the CDS Executive Committee.

    After completion of the above formalities, the CDS chairperson and Vice Chair person may be elected from the CDS Executive Committee in a meeting presided over by the Presiding Officer. The Presiding Officer should ask the CDS Executive Committee to suggest names for the position of CDS chair person.  For each of the name suggested, support in terms of votes should be sought. If support is not obtained for a candidate, then her candidature may be declined. If the suggested candidate declines the position herself, then her candidature may be declined. Between CDS Chair person and Vice Chair person, at least one should be a BPL representative. If there is more than one candidate for any position, then the candidate with majority support would be elected. For the same, the list of candidates, in the same sequence as was suggested in the meeting, should be put up in a chart paper or board. Against each name, the members supporting her candidature may be asked to stand up and record their votes in her favour. The candidate with the highest number of votes will be declared elected. If there is tie in the number of votes obtained by each candidate, a toss-up will be held. If there is not more than one candidate, then she may be declared as elected unanimously. The same process may be repeated for electing the CDS vice Chair Person also. After the completion of this process, the Presiding Officer should announce the names of the CDS chairperson and Vice Chairperson in the CDS general body.

    The Presiding Officer should thereafter ask the general body to suggest two internal auditors, who are not CDS Executive Committee members. Each name should be suggested by ne member, seconded by another and finally selected by the general body.

            After the completion of the election procedures, the presiding should ensure that all details with regard to the elections are noted in the minutes book. The general body meeting minutes book may be completed immediately, and the same may be endorsed by the designated Chair person, Vice Chair Person, Presiding Officer and the internal auditors.

The Presiding Officer is responsible for ensuring that the election documents are completely filled up, endorsed by the designated Executive Committee members and with the declaration of the Presiding Officer, and handed over to the District Election Officer, CDS Chairperson designate and District Mission Coordinator

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