Dec 17, 2011

VEOs get 150 rupees as consolation for NREGS,overseer get Rs 1000 as TA

for more details read the following
SEGC 10th meeting, 09/11/2011agenda
SEGC 10th Meeting,09/11/2011 decisions


  1. Details cannot be viewed.

    But it is a rediculus decision.Persons in the meeting have no commonsense. They should be illeterate and living in stone age,

    because 150 Rs TA for 31 days therefore below 5 Rs to travell one day to verify the sites.They considered us like beggers.

    Only the persons who dont know the real problems faced by a VEO in the field can take this kind of decisions.

    Ask them to prove it in the field.

  2. By Reading the details understand that VEO will be appointed as Joint Employment Reg: Officer under the Grama Panchayat Secretary.

    Why dont we appointed as Reg: Officer NREGS. We should not work under GP Secretaries as Joints. We have our own positions, credibility and Status in Panchayats, we will loose it.

    We should be Reg: Officers in Panchayats and should work directly under BPO. Otherwise in future we will not get any benefits, we will only be joints. We should strike against this.

    JPC will get Rs:18000/-, BPO will get Rs:15000/-, then we should get atleast Rs:5000/-.

    Our poor colleagues who attend the meeting own behalf of VEO have no commensense.

    by Santhosh TVM