Nov 13, 2011

Non Creamy layer income limit increases

NewDelhi. Union govt has decided to increase the income limit for creamy layer among OBC's from Rs.4.5 lakhs to Rs. 9 lakh per year. Non creamy layer income ceiling increased to 9 lakh per year in rural areas and 12 lakh in urban areas.The national commission for backward classes has recomended the increase.


  1. when will it apply?

  2. The move of National Commission for Backward Classes New Delhi and Government of India to hike OBC creamy layer limit by Rs. 9 lakhs & Rs. 12 lakhs is appreciable. This should be impelmented immediately as time is coming for students to fill applications for admissions in IIT, AIEEE, AIMS, IIM, GATE etc. for session 2012-13 & for various JOBS. Because in 1992 Mandal decision and in 2008 IIT-IIM decision the Supreme Court directed to exclude only "CREAMY LAYER" from OBC reservation i.e. to exclude only 5% of OBCs {AS ONLY 5% CREAM EXISTS IN MILK}. Hence to give OBC reservation to rest 95% non creamy layer OBCs actually this limit should be raised to Rs. 15 Lakhs per anum otherwise it is contempt of COURT. This is not a below poverty line criteria. THIS LIMIT IS ALSO APPLICABLE TO GENERAL & SC-ST-OBC CANDIDATES AS ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA IN “CENTRAL SECTOR SCHOLARSHIP OF GOVT OF INDIA” OF Rs. 1000/2000 P.M. FOR COLLEGIATE STUDENTS}

  3. Dear Sir,
    I have also read in the economic times of 17 Nov.2011 the NCL limit has been increased by the Central Govt. up to 9 lakh in rural area and 12 lakh in urban area. But I am not knowing about its notification or when it will be implemented? because delay in increased NCL limit (9 / 12 lakhs)implementation causing carrier loss to the lakhs of students from OBC, NT etc.

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