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May 31, 2012

SC projects for 12th plan approved

The Decentralization co Ordination Committee meeting helt at thirvananthapuram  on 23/05/12 approved 25 items that can be introduced for SC category during the 12th plan formation process.
Details of the projects are given below

1) New Institutions of Engineering & Medical education
2) Community Skill Development
3) Interest free loan for Housing
4) Intial Expenses for professional students
5) Foreign studies support 9
6) Lease land farming support
7) Foreign employment support
8) Micro enterprises, franchise units etc
9) Vigyanvadi, a community  centre for library and computer facilities
10)Self sufficient villages
11)GMP - Health care for inaccessible habitats  employing dedicated Drs
12)Health insurance
13)Tool kit for cobblers who work with leather  products
14)Community laundry for washer-men
15)Machanised cleaning work for  safaikaramchari’s
16)Assistance for  trading & business
17)Employment Linked training programme
18)Participation in Tourism Development
19)Lap top to professional students
20)Community College
21)Homestead farming in all habitats
22)Technical service centre in farm sector
23)Maternal care - assistance during  prenatal & postnatal period
24)woment enterprises in food industry
25) Family centric economic development towards benchmarked income.

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