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Feb 27, 2012

Driving training project again rejected

State decentralisation co-ordination committee rejected Nandhiyodu gramapanchayath's driving training project for 149 women. GP has submitted a project which assures driving training only this is the only reason for the rejection.The committee has given direction to change the project with job assurance. ie modify the project with vehicle purchase. view the committee's decisions


  1. I think allmost all panchayath has such a project in scp &the implimenting officers are VEOs. what to do?

  2. My Panchayath also gave me the same project, i refused to implement the project for the same reason. I heard a lot from from members and the secretary . But at last they surrender before me. Now is project is going to change.

    1. Santhosh! U R correct! If we are correct at office Panchayath can do nothing! If we are corrupt we have to wash panchayath members' trousers. So "less talks more job"! That may be the slogan

  3. All projects which are difficult to impliment gave to poor VEOs. By an order waste management projects must be implimented by the veos. Lot of technical things are there Govt.is issuing orders to make veos more trouble No benefit by the seperation of R.D from PT. UDF & LDF are making troubles to VEOs. Benefit only for cherippunakkikals