FLASH NEWS local government commission - draft special rules for integration published

Feb 22, 2012

LDC valuation of answer sheet completed.

Thiruvananthapuram.LDC valuations completed for all districts on February 16 and PSC is on fasttrack to publish the LDC ranklist before 31, March. All the LDC list preparation work is doing at Pattom Office to avoid delay. The pending LGS work will do after the preperation of LDC rank lists.Another reason for the preperation of LDC lists is the nativity issue which is now on Court.If the LDC rank list come first and advise starts so many NJD vacancies will come on LGS.
PSC meeting also decided to give notification for more than 100 posts before March 31.Meeting took another decision to appoint 38 existing Preventive Officer vacancy from the existing Rank list.

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