FLASH NEWS local government commission - draft special rules for integration published

Feb 21, 2012

MGNREGS- read this news report

Mathrubhumi online published an article related MGNREGS and its implementation written by Dr.Mary George.
read the article


  1. read it. it is a truth.waste of central money.g.p. secretaries decided to strike against the decision of R.D.Department to make suprevisory post for MGNREGS.

  2. Today also Mathrubhumi published that Govt. is not appointing obudsmen and the amount spent is a waste(700 crores)Asset is not creating, but only repairing the road drainage

    1. But the entire amount of wage RS 150 was receiving by the beneficiary! No Govt employee or politician can thief money from that. Though so many delay, the poor man/women coming for work were getting the whole amount through her/his bank A/C. The phenomena of getting 100% Govt assistance is a surprise in democratic India!

    2. Agree with it.
      Asset is not created mostly because of no proper guidence by the Reg: Officers ie: GP secretaries who do not go to the field. They think it is not the project of their department.
      If we think people's plan is not the work of our dept: the panchayat cannot achieve their 70-75% project.But here we think not about the panchayat, but we think of the people infront of us.
      ie: why we differ from them.
      If one VEO is solely appointed as Reg: Off: & no other work is given to him he can manage it.