Feb 22, 2012

NREGS-Panchayath secretaries going to strike

Thiruvananthapuram.Panchayath secretaries association state committee decided to strike against the govt decision to appoint BPO posts in rural development department. They said that all the implementation work done by the Panchayath employees . So the panchayth employees are eligible for the supervisory posts . They decided to in cooperate with NREGS.


  1. they demanded that expenditure is done by them but the suprevisory post are for R.D. Bill must prepare by B.P.Os ALL WORKS OF mgnregs must done in Block itself It is an important central programme.Issue orders immedietely.There is a seperate minister for R.D. rajeev bhavan is going to build in every grama pt &block pt.

  2. Does any panchayath Secretries are doing any duties regarding MGNREGS.The duties are all done by the contract employees, their all controlled by BPO.Now they are demanding for the Post .. for wat.. it is not helpful for the MGNREGA

  3. Most of our work is related to people's plan of grama panchayat. No benefit in doing that work even a TA is not given till for going to field & treasury. Then why dont we claim higher post in Grama Panchayat because they have their own minister & their own supervisory post.

    Grama Panchayath Secretaries should have the courage to take all our Works related to people's plan of grama panchayat & we should relieve from such works which is a burden for us.

    Then we can work only central government projects IAY, SGSY,NRLM and we can be Reg: Off: NREGS of Grama Panchayat & work directly under BPO's.

    1. As per the G ovt. order we have to serve the PTs.It is a govt service that we are getting salary from the govt.T.A .must give by the parent department why not they are taking action to give sufficient T.A to us? We have to work for PT. as well as Block.Donot blame PT. but our superiors.They are not supportive.Thank U.

    2. Sir,As per the Govt:Order we have to serve the people and not the panchayat. ie the Service for which not only us, but all, even the GP officials are getting salary.

      We should not blame only our BPs, but it is also the duty of the panchayat department, to give all necessities & support to all the officers working at GP level, ie said in the PR act.

      But here no matter whether GP or our superiors, they are all selfish & they look their own matters. And we are not able to achieve our needs.

  4. Mr.Santhosh, I am not praising the pt. authorities but only telling the truth.Our superiors gave permision to shift the VEO Office in pts.They didnot protect us in the crusial time.When a mate stolen Rs. 25800 from mgnregs work the poor VEO got explenation from the authority.T.A.allottment is deviding by the ministerial staff The superiors only needed target achievement.