Feb 17, 2012

Implement plan with proper guidelines

Now the plan implementation before VEOs is a big burden due to some training projects . Many of the VEOs do not object this type projects but some one find out the guide lines and avoid this type projects. For example the govt made clear that JCB training should not implement. But someone going to implement it .Like this driving training does not implemet without job assurance . But some VEOs implement four wheeler and three wheeler driving projects .some others are ready to implement any projects in this world ! Please read the following and collect important subsidy msnr orders before implementation started.


  1. who cares guideline? pt. want expenditure.poor veo spend money for pt.projects are made according to the wishes of pt.

    1. Sorry Mr:Raghavan, U r the person responsible for making projects! So u make it after verifying guidelines!Other wise u don't sign the project and the project will never get approval. The fact is that we don't care the Panchayath's plan preparation. At that time we were enjoying other things .We r seeing Projects only when the panchayath gives it to impliment. So interfere to plan preparation, study guidelines, don't discuss doubts with block officials, and make imlimentable projects.

  2. No sir.The whole responsibility to make project is mine.So my side no difficulty to impliment the projects.And I Tell u the truth since as a veo my achievement is 100% all the years I AM mentioning only the common thing.